Discuss the following topic in a paper of 6-8 typed, double-spaced pages. Please

Discuss the following topic in a paper
of 6-8 typed, double-spaced pages. Please

Discuss the following topic in a paper
of 6-8 typed, double-spaced pages. Please
use one-inch margin on all four
edges with 12-point Times New Roman
font. Come up with a good title for your paper and put a page number on
each page. Be sure to follow my formatting requirements. Essays are due via
email by June 27, Thursday, 1pm.
Essays will be mainly judged by the
extent to which they make a clear, plausible argument for whatever position
they take, supported by relevant evidence from both lectures and readings.  This topic is constructed so that you should
NOT need to use any materials from outside of class; do not do so without
consulting me first. Regardless of where your material comes from, sources must
be cited. Formal footnotes are not necessary, but some indication of the basis
for your claims is needed: a brief parenthetical such as “(Textbook, p.
88)” will be good enough. Using
material of any sort without properly acknowledging the source may constitute
plagiarism; students who are in any way uncertain about these matters
should consult the UH guidelines on academic dishonesty and/or me before
handing in your papers.
The use of generative
AI tools and chatbots (e.g. ChatGPT) is NOT permitted in this course for
writing entire sentences, paragraphs or essays to complete any class
assignments. 10-30 points will be deducted for any assignment that is found to
have used generative AI tools in unauthorized ways as indicated above.
are deliberately being asked to write on a fairly general topic, so that you
can demonstrate how much you have learned from all the lectures, readings and
discussions for the course. Your paper should not merely summarize the books or
lectures. It must present your own thinking and interpretation. Your
instructor is available for consultation, guidance, explication, and
encouragement whenever you need it. Good luck and happy writing!
that Chairman Mao could be brought back to life to see early 21st
century China, as described in the lectures, readings and video clips. Aside
from the technological changes of contemporary years, what things about the way
ordinary Chinese families (both rural and urban) live as well as how the party,
government and society operate do you think would most surprise him? What
things would he find relatively familiar? What things do you think he would
approve of and disapprove of, and why? How would he think of the Chinese model
of development?