Your final submission will be a report (up to 2000 words) based on your critical appraisal of the
above article.
i) The report must include the following components, based on aspects of your critical
Background; Methods; Results; Discussions; Policy implications.
ii) When developing the report, please give attention to:
• The context in which the original study was designed.
• Your approach to your review, in particular:
o Consider whether to use a formal checklist
(e.g. CASP). If you have used any critical
appraisal tool be clear which and why
o How you have applied the tool to inform
your critique
iii) Consider the components of the study being reviewed:
o Type of economic evaluation
o Study objectives
o PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparators and Outcomes)
o Study methods (consider the key methodological attributes and limitations)
o Study results (consider main results and their uncertainty)
o Study conclusion (consider implications of any study limitation)
iv) What could be concluded based on your own critique, the implications of your conclusions
for future policy, practice, and research
Word Limit:
The word limit set for the assessment is a MAXIMUM. Content is evaluated on the basis of the
extent to which the learning outcomes and other requirements of the assessment have been met,
within the maximum stated word limit, therefore penalties do not apply on the basis of work
being less than the word limit. However, markers will only mark up to the word limit and not
beyond this, to ensure parity for all students