1. A nurse has just organized and planned a client’s individ


1. A nurse has just organized and planned a client’s individualized… 1. A nurse has just organized and planned a client’s individualized care plan. What is the nurse’s next action?a. Implement the care plan beginning with one intervention on the planb. Collect and organize client datac. Determine the effectiveness of the care plan interventions and outcomesd. Analyze assessment data to determine priorities for care 2.   A nurse working on an orthopedic unit is caring for four clients. What client is at greatest risk for skin breakdown?a. An older adult who has a hip fracture with poorly managed pain b. An middle adult who has a fractured radius and an arm cast. C. A young adult who has a femur fracture and is in a cast d. An adolescent who has a cervical fracture and is in a halo brace 3.The nurse would identify Which body systems as not directly involved in the process of normal gas exchange?  a. Hepatic systemb. pulmonary systemc. cardiovascular systemd. neurologic system 4.   A client often cold compress to her ankle injury based on the understanding that cold has which effect? 5. The nurse is preparing to assess the cardiopulmonary system with inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation. The client complains of chest pain. Which of the following interventions would be best? 6. Which desired outcome is most appropriate for a client with the nursing diagnosis of impaired gas exchange? –  a. client will have oxygen saturation greater than 95% after activity throughout this shiftb. client will demonstrate unlabored respiration at 6 breaths/minute by tomorrowc. client will rest in the prone position during periods of rest throughout this shiftd. The nurse will assist the client in high fowler’s position during meals  7. A nurse is planning care to help maintain the skin integrity of an older adult client who is at risk for developing pressure sores. Which of the following nursing interventions is not appropriate? a. Use a mechanical device to reposition the client in bedb. clean and dry the client’s skin immediately after incontinencec. manage the reddened skin over the client’s bony prominencesd. keep the client’s heels protected and elevated off the surface of the bed 8. When should a nurse wear eye protection? (Select all that apply) a. When collecting a sputum specimen from a client with pneumoniab. When assisting with invasive proceduresc. When transporting a cerebrospinal fluid specimen to the labd. While irrigating a wound with salinee. While interviewing a client 9. A nurse is caring for several clients in an extended care facility. Which of the following clients is the highest priority to observe during shift? a. A client with poor dentitionb. A client with a recent strokec. A client with decreased visiond. A client with anorexia 10. The nurse is caring for a client who has a stool culture positive for clostridium difficile (C.diff) what PPE and isolation precautions are required? a. sterile gloves, an isolation gown, eyewear, and a maskb. Protective eyewear and glovesc. An isolation gown, clean gloves, and maskd. Clean gloves, isolation gown, handwashing with soap and water  Health Science Science Nursing FUNDS 224 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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1. A nurse has just organized and planned a client’s individ
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