Assignment 2.1



Assignment 2

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Assignment 2.1
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Just do this part, I have created the test already

Include instructions for scoring and a plan for how you will integrate the results of this plan into your instructional lessons within the unit. Your instructional plan should describe specific strategies for addressing the needs of students who
demonstrate mastery,
those who demonstrate partial mastery,

those who demonstrate minimal comprehension of the concepts.


My Instruction Plan

What if all my students show mastery of the literary concepts on the assessment?

If all students prove mastery on this assessment, I can infer that they have mastery of the foundational prerequisite skills, and I will be able to plan for the new standard without concern.

What if only half of my students grasp the information presented on the test?

If my students vary in their levels of competency, I will determine each students weaknesses and strengths and then focus on those specific areas. Since students who prove mastery, do not need to be retaught, I will use small groups or centers to provide enrichment opportunities for these students. If opportunities arise, I may use these students to peer tutor. For those students who need remediation because they lack the required prerequisite skills, I will pull them for small group to deliver one on one instruction. This is the fastest way to close the gaps and ensure understanding to ensure these students do not fall behind as we progress with new standards.

What if none of my students have a clue of what was presented on the assessment?

I will rethink my instruction plan and review the test to check for face validity. Then I would teach in detail the concepts until my students have grasped the objectives before moving on to other concepts which can cause gaps in my students’ knowledge that will lead to failure down the road. Using observation, cooperate learning to assist with shared knowledge, to realize reliability and validity when making inferences concerning my students abilities.


demonstrate mastery,
those who demonstrate partial mastery,

those who demonstrate minimal comprehension of the concepts
The diagnostic assessment is a prerequisite of the skills taught in 5th grade. This assessment will help drive the instructional lessons of the standard RL 6.4. This assessment has 33 questions, and each question is worth 3.03 points. I will start with the skills the students struggle with and teach them for mastery. I will work with students at the teacher’s table in small groups during the intervention time. I will also integrate the skills in bell ringers, mix reviews, and exit tickets to ensure students do not forget the skills taught. Extra practice will be provided for students who score below sixty percent will have lessons in iReady three times a week. Also, those students who score above 60 percent will have lessons on Study Island. These skills will also be integrated throughout this unit. The goal is to make sure that all students’ needs are met.
How will I score this assessment?
The assessment will be scored with equal amount of points for each question whether essay, fill in the blank, short answer, or multiple choice. Each question will be worth 2.5 points. Each short answer question may be given full points or partial points depending on if the student had any of the answers from the answer key and explained in details what needed to be explained.
How will I integrate the results of this plan into my instructional lessons within the unit?
The data from the assessment will be used to guide my instruction during the unit on figurative language. I will start teaching the skills that students struggled the most on and teach for mastery of those skills. I will also integrate all of the skills to make sure that students do not forget how to use the skills that they are familiar with. Once skills have been taught a quiz will be given to assess if students have mastered the skills. Occasionally, I will give bell work and/ or exit tickets to continue assessing the standard.


see below

see below

You are working in a community health center as an NP. Although you see children for mental health you will also see children for some basic bridge care until primary care providers have openings. If the medical issue is complex then the clinic coordinator will escalate the referral for quicker appointment scheduling.
Presentation: Makala, who is 7, has come to the clinic with a suspected ear infection and as a referral for her daughter’s behaviors. Makalas mother says that her daughter has been rocking rhythmically and clutching her ear at the same time. There has been some moisture on her pillow in the morning and Makala is reluctant to let her mother investigate what is wrong.
Makala is attempting to rock while she is seated on her mothers knee and uses the same repetitive vocalization Dontwannago to the shops over and over again.
She has a history of speech delay but can now complete many full sentences. She has also had some behavior and attention issues in school. She disrupts the teacher often and then gets up from her seat during focus time to go to play centers. She is not easily redirected and becomes argumentative.
She feels hot to touch and will not let healthcare practitioners approach her with any equipment. Her vocalization becomes louder and more insistent when you attempt the examination.
Recognizing possible autism as well as some ADHD diagnosis criteria, discuss the next steps in the answers to the questions.
Write a2-3 pagepaper answering the following questions. Be sure to include a minimum of 2 scholarly articles to support your discussion.
1. Discuss autism and ADHD diagnostic criteria.
2. How should you approach examining Makala as a child, and strive to gain her trust?
3. You suspect that autism may be a possibility. What should you do to ensure that your suspicions are correct and how should you go about referring Makala to the local autism team?
4. Makala is showing signs and symptoms that may overlap between autism and ADHD. How do you differentiate autism from ADHD based on diagnostic criteria?


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