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Quantitative Analysis for Healthcare Managers
The purpose of this weeks assignment is to assess your understanding of the concept of sampling and how the knowledge of this concept can be applied in a healthcare services setting.
For this assignment, you will review two scenarios in a fictitious healthcare setting, and then provide your best response to each scenario.

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assist p1 and p2
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Scenario 1: As a healthcare administrator of a popular healthcare facility in your community, you have been receiving news of unsubstantiated claims of poor customer service in your facility. To make matters worse, a news agency recently carried a news report that highlighted patient dissatisfaction with the quality of service they receive in your facility. As a result of this news, the board of directors and other key stakeholders in your organization met to discuss the matter. Based on the discussion, it was recommended that your healthcare facility conduct a survey of patients in your facility to learn more about the alleged claims of dissatisfaction. The board of directors is also interested in investing millions of dollars to improve any gaps by the proposed survey.

As the administrator of this healthcare facility, what type of sampling methods will you use to assess patient satisfaction from the more than two million patients that visit your facility on a yearly basis? Please give a clear rationale for the sampling methods chosen for this effort.

Scenario 2: As a healthcare administrator, you recently received a complaint from one of your operational managers that suggests there may be a wide range of dissatisfaction among surgeons working in your facility about the work conditions. As a result of this complaint, you decided you wanted to learn more about the challenges surgeons (21 in number) may be facing so you can do the right thing to improve their condition of service.

Based on this information, what sampling method will best help you to assess the working conditions of surgeons in your facility? Please give a clear rationale for the sampling methods chosen for this effort.
For both scenarios, consider addressing the following Points:
Population unit
Sampling methodology
Sampling size
Types of interviews (if any?)
Strengths and weaknesses of sampling methodology?
Length: 1-3 pages, not including title and reference pages
Resources: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources. P2 w2
For this assignment, you will be required to use Microsoft Excel to generate a random sample.

Random sample generation: In a clinic that falls under the healthcare organization that you manage, there are about 1,500 patients who visit this clinic on a monthly basis. Based on the sample size identified during consultation with the statistician that supports your organization, you concluded that surveying 30 patients will give you the insight you need from the entire patient population.

Using Microsoft Excel, create a list of numbers from 1 to 1,500. This list will be your patient population. From this list, generate a random sample of 30 patients. To demonstrate your competency for this task, you will submit an Excel file showing both the list (1,500 patient population) and random sample (30 patients) generated. In addition, you will provide a narrative explaining the steps and the MS Excel functions you used to complete this task and how you may use this skill set in your current or future career. Also, explain a situation when a simple random sample- and a situation when a stratified random sample- will be appropriate.
Dont forget to review the simulation on
Creating a Random Data Sample in Microsoft Excel before completing this assignment.

Tip: One way to generate a list in Excel is to first type numbers 1 and 2 in cells A1 and A2, respectively. Afterward, highlight cells A1 and A2 before dragging the fill handle all the way down to the desired number.
Length: 1 Excel document and 1- 2 paragraph narrative, not including title and reference pages
Resources: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources.



Assignment Instructions
Choose a topic from the list below. Use the two sources provided for you for the topic you choose (one popular press source and one scholarly article). Then use one other article from the Capella library for a total of three sources.
Popular press source:Gorrell, C. (2001).
The secret to academic success.
Psychology Today, 34(2), 18.

Scholarly source:George, D., Dixon, S., Stansal, E., Gelb, S. L., & Pheri, T. (2008).
Time diary and questionnaire assessment of factors associated with academic and personal success among university undergraduates.
Journal of American College Health, 56(6), 706715.

Popular press source:Uche, U. (2011, January 26).
Has your teen developed the basic mental skills for academic success?
Psychology Today.

Scholarly source:Cheon-woo, H., Farruggia, S. P., & Moss, T. P. (2017).
Effects of academic mindsets on college students’ achievement and retention [PDF].
Journal of College Student Development, 58(8), 11191134.

Popular press source:Tix, A. (2020, April 15).
Psychological factors in student success.
Psychology Today.

Scholarly source:Martin, K., Galentino, R., & Townsend, L. (2014).
Community college student success: The role of motivation and self-empowerment [PDF].
Community College Review, 42(3), 221241.

Assignment Instructions
Write your paper in the
Week 6Paper Template [DOCX]because it will help guide your work and place your content in proper order. Be sure to delete all bracketed instructional text in the template and replace it with your own.

Note: Use paraphrases; do not quote.
Complete the following when writing your paper:
Write an introduction that includes the thesis and introduces your arguments (main ideas, main points).
Use three main arguments to support your position.
Use credible sources to support each main argument.
Use fundamental principles from this course to form your main idea for each paragraph.
Accurately paraphrase from your sources.
Cite sources using author and year.
Write a conclusion that includes your point of view and concepts.
Write your paragraphs using clear main ideas.
Assignment Calculatorcan help you see how much time youll want 1
Instructional text in this template is bolded and contained in square brackets ([]). After reading the instructional text, please delete it and use the document as a template for your own paper. To keep the correct format, edit the running head, cover page, headings, and reference list with your own information and add your own body text. Save this template in a file for future use and information.

The running head is an abbreviated title of the paper. The running head is located at the top of pages of a manuscript or published article to identify the article for readers. The running head should be a maximum of 50 characters, counting letters, punctuation, and spaces between words. The words “Running head” are on the cover page but not on the rest of the document. The running head title is all capital letters. Page 1 begins on the cover page. The entire document should be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins on all sides, and use 12-point Times New Roman font.]

Full Title of Paper
Learner’s Full Name
Course Title
Assignment Title
Capella University
Month, Year

Full Title of Paper

Paragraph one should be your introduction.]

Paragraph two should be your point using the popular press article for support.]

Paragraph three should be your point using the scholarly article for support.]

Paragraph four should be your point using the reference you found in the library.]

Paragraph five should be your conclusion.]


Always begin a reference list on a new page. Use a hanging indent after the first line of each reference. The reference list is in alphabetical order by first authors last name. A reference list only contains sources that are cited in the body of the paper, and all sources cited in the body of the paper must be contained in the reference list.

When a digital object identifier (DOI) is available for a journal article, it should be placed at the end of the citation. If a DOI is not available, a uniform resource locator (URL) should be used. The George, Dixon, Stansal, Gelb, & Pheri (2008) reference is an example of how to cite a source using a DOI. The Uche (2011, Jan 26) reference is an example of how to cite a source using a URL.


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