Case Study: Demand Analysis


The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice skills that are essential to success in this course and your professional life after graduation. You will demonstrate how the roles of different factors influence demand and affect market equilibrium.
A manager needs to accurately assess demand for efficient operations. If the manager underestimates that demand, production, and inventory can either build up and/or workers will remain idle with no work to perform. Conversely, if the manager overestimates demand, production, and inventory cannot meet the sales thus forfeiting an opportunity to gain market share and/or the company will not be able to hire enough workers causing the workers that do the work to become over-stressed. Either scenario can lead to poor profitability.
You will build skills in seeking out relevant and quality data, combine and analyze the information you gather, then formulate a coherent analysis based on researched evidence. This assignment also requires you to clearly communicate in a written format (general education skills: critical thinking, communication, and information literacy).

Demand Analysis
Write an APA style analysis (1000-1200 words). You will use your knowledge from previous statistics and research classes to help guide you in with your research.
Topic/Question – Analyze the demand for an aviation product (cargo, flights, military products) and discuss
A. factors that influence demand,
B. elasticity.
Choose your product or service from the aviation and aerospace industry and conduct a demand analysis. In your demand analysis be sure to address the following:
1. Provide the necessary background information so the reader understands the product, market, demographics, customers, producers, perceived value of the product or service, competitors (direct and indirect), and market structure, elasticity of product or service.
2. Construct the demand function using multiple independent variables as a regression equation.
3. Discuss how the changes in different variables will influence equilibrium price and quantity.
4. Support your analysis with current examples illustrating 1-3.
5. Consult and cite at least two academic sources for your paper. Use current APA style format for in-text citations and document all sources on the reference page.

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Case Study: Demand Analysis
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topic: female biological clock


Wenjia Zhang
COMN 2200
Professor Elizabeth Suter
Oct 20,2022
Interview and Transcription
I interviewed the second interviewee online, who followed the female biological clock and was six months pregnant. The data from the interview will help view life from other peoples description and their way of thinking and how to encourage the observance of the female “biological” clock to balance between being a mother and having a career.

Interviewer: Hello, Interviewee 2. How are you? Im sorry to bother you in the early morning.

Interviewee 2: It’s okay. I’ve been waking up very early since I got pregnant. (laughs)

Interviewer: Ok. (erm) Todays topic is the female biological clock. There is a total of 11 questions. Maybe I need to spend an hour. (coughs) Please feel relaxed; if you need a rest, just let me know, and we can stop anytime.

Interviewee 2: Sounds great. (laughs)

Interviewer: Could we start now?

Interviewee 2: Sure. (laughs)

Interviewer: The first question is: How has following the female biological clock impacted your life?

Interviewee 2:

Interviewer: Excellent. Lets move on to the next question when someone describes the following biological clock as primitive, how does that make you feel?

Interviewee 2: I always need to educate the person about what it is. (laughs)

Interviewer: Got it. (laughs) Tell me about the understanding of a womans biological clock program and how it has impacted your life in the journey of your motherhood.

Interviewee 2: As people become older, their bodies naturally generate fewer eggs and sperm, and those produced are of lower quality. (pause) As a result, one can make informed decisions on the optimal timing to have a family. I have been successful in both the planning and accomplishment of my maternal objectives. (laughs)

Interviewer: I understand it. (pause) So, when did you embrace the idea of following the female biological clock?

Interviewee 2: I embraced this idea after learning the importance of following the biological clock in a specific family.

Interviewer: (erm) There are a few questions left. Do you need a rest?

Interviewee 2: Yes, I think a need a rest. I may need some water.

Interviewer: Of course. We can have a ten-minute break.

Interviewee 2: Thanks.

(Pause for 6 minutes)

Interviewee 2: Hi, Interviewer. I am ready. We can continue the rest of the interview.

Interviewer: Great.
What would happen if, during your fertile years, you got engaged in many activities to enhance your career life? How would you do? Would you sacrifice your career to get children first? (coughs)

Interviewee 2: (pause) I don’t think it’s a good idea to put off having children to advance in one’s job. A composite female will examine her tummy and agonize about her life decisions.

Interviewer: Understood. (laughs) Is there a point when your decision to follow the biological clock to have a child early was misunderstood by your peers?

Interviewee 2: Many times. But I have always shown them the sense of it. (laughs)

Interviewer: The next question is how do you hope others will understand the importance of using the female biological clock? (coughs)

Interviewee 2: (coughs) I hope that the healthcare facilities can help in educating people about its significance.

Interviewer: (erm) Do you ever regret following the biological clock? Why?

Interviewee 2: Not even once. I have tremendously benefited from this; thus, I have no reason to look back and regret it.

Interviewer: Excellent, how do you feel about following a biological clock to give birth? Why did you choose to let your daughter follow it? (laughs)

Interviewee 2: This is a natural method with no side effects or regrets.

Interviewer: In conclusion, how do you advise other parents with daughters who have entered fertility? (erm) Will you encourage them to let their daughters follow it to avoid delayed production?

Interviewee 2: Parents should encourage their daughters to pursue this path because it can help alleviate stress related to delayed production, which is especially true if a woman’s focus on her career has left her with little time to pursue parenthood or if others constantly question her about her reproductive choices.

Interviewer: Do you want to add something else we didnt mention it?

Interviewee 2:

Interviewer: Thank you so much for doing the interview; it was helpful for my research topic.
(laughs) I hope you have a good day. Bye.

Interviewee 2: Thank you, Interviewer. Bye. (laughs)


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