Dissecting the Image of the Zombie


LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8ui9l0krZk&ab_channel=AnatollD.

Night of the Living Deadheavily influenced later iterations of the “zombie apocalypse” plot. In many cases, later stories reused the tropes established by Romero’s film. In other cases, new creators deliberately tried to reimagine their zombies in contrast to Romero’s living dead.
???? Watchthe following clip from Marc Forster’sWorld War Z (US, 2013).The film depicts a “zombie apocalypse” in which an infectious disease leads to an outbreak of zombie-ism that spreads across the globe, threatening to wipe out mankind. This scene shows the first outbreak of zombies in the United States.
As you watch, consider:

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Dissecting the Image of the Zombie
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What characterizes the “zombie”, as it is depicted in this film? How do these zombies compare to Romero’s living dead? If you are familiar with other depictions of zombies in literature, film, or art, how does this depiction compare?
Based on the characteristics given to the zombie, what do you think is the symbolic significance of this figure? If the zombie is a fantastical embodiment of real-world anxieties and fears, what might these be?
What about the way the uninfected humans respond to the zombie threat? Why do you think they are depicted in this way? Do you think their depiction is realistic? What does their depiction tell us about our understanding of and beliefs concerning human nature?

Do you notice some ways in which these zombies share traits with the living dead, and some in which these zombies have been reimagined?
Your next assignment will be an exercise comparing and contrasting these representations of zombies, while exploring the layers of symbolism zombies carry for us.
You may have seen some examples of these “anatomy of” memes, where people break down and label various traits or characteristics of an object, animal, type of person, etc.


Create an “Anatomy of a Zombie” chart that labels some characteristics of the zombies in Night of the Living Deadand World War Z, including at least one trait they have in common, and at least 3 traits total.With each trait you label, include a brief statement about the symbolism of that trait; for example, don’t just label “Rotting limbs”, but “Rotting limbs, reminds the audience of their own mortality.”
You can choose to create the Anatomy of a Zombie Victim chart that breaks down what traits lead to someone being attacked by zombies in each of these stories, and what those weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or negative character traits might symbolize for us. Again, you should include at least 3 traits total, with at least one shared in common by the figures from both films.
At the bottom of this page, you will find attachments you can use as templates for your anatomy charts. You have the option to download either a PDF or JPG file. You can add your annotations using a PDF editor (like Acrobat or Preview), an image editor (like Photoshop or Google Draw); you can also insert the JPG image into a Word, Pages or Google doc (set the image layout to “Behind Text” so you can type over it). You can also print the PDF and add your annotations by hand, then take a photo of your finished chart.
Note: If you do the zombie victim chart, you don’t need to limit your comments to those that apply to Barbra — she’s just there to represent all the victims in the film.


Change Implementation and Management Plan

Assignment: Change Implementation and Management Plan
It is one of the most clich of clichs, but it nevertheless rings true: The only constant is change. As a nursing professional, you are no doubt aware that success in the healthcare field requires the ability to adapt to change, as the pace of change in healthcare may be without rival.
As a professional, you will be called upon to share expertise, inform, educate, and advocate. Your efforts in these areas can help lead others through change. In this Assignment, you will propose a change within your organization and present a comprehensive plan to implement the change you propose.
To Prepare:

Review the Resources and identify one change that you believe is called for in your organization/workplace.

This may be a change necessary to effectively address one or more of the issues you addressed in the Workplace Environment Assessment you submitted in Module 4. It may also be a change in response to something not addressed in your previous efforts. It may be beneficial to discuss your ideas with your organizational leadership and/or colleagues to help identify and vet these ideas.

Reflect on how you might implement this change and how you might communicate this change to organizational leadership.

The Assignment (5-6-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation):
Change Implementation and Management Plan
Create a 5- or 6-slide narrated PowerPoint that presents a comprehensive plan to implement changes you propose.
Your narrated presentation should be 56 minutes in length.
Your Change Implementation and Management Plan should include the following:

An executive summary of the issues that are currently affecting your organization/workplace (This can include the work you completed in your Workplace Environment Assessment previously submitted, if relevant.)
A description of the change being proposed
Justifications for the change, including why addressing it will have a positive impact on your organization/workplace
Details about the type and scope of the proposed change
Identification of the stakeholders impacted by the change
Identification of a change management team (by title/role)
A plan for communicating the change you propose
A description of risk mitigation plans you would recommend to address the risks anticipated by the change you propose

Alternate Submission Method
You may also use Kaltura Personal Capture to record your narrated PowerPoint. This option will require you to create your PowerPoint slides first. Then, follow the Personal Capture instructions outlined on the Kaltura Media Uploader guide found in the left menu of your classroom. This guide will walk you through downloading the tool and help you become familiar with the features of Personal Capture. When you are ready to begin recording, you may turn off the webcam option so that only “Screen” and “Audio” are enabled. Start your recording and then open your PowerPoint to slide show view. Once the recording is complete, follow the instructions found on the “Posting Your Video in the Classroom Guide” found on the Kaltura Media Uploader page for instructions on how to submit your video. For this option, in addition to submitting your video, you must also upload your PowerPoint file which must include your speaker notes.
By Day 2 of Week 11
Submityour narrated Change Implementation and Management Plan.


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