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Discuss the portrayal of women in one or more of the stories weve read so far. Are they flat or round characters? Static or dynamic? To what degree, in your opinion, are the main female characters depicted in stereotypical ways- and do you think the author was fully aware of any gender stereotypes in his or her depictions? Incorporate evidence from the text(s) in your response.

Stories: Miss Brill- Kathrine Mansfield
A Rose for Emily- William Faulkner

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eng 102
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Requirements: -10 for each requirement not met
1) Clearly state which story(ies) and prompt question from above you are addressing in the introduction.
2) Clearly answer only one of the prompts from above, if there are multiple questions within the prompt you must answer them all.
3) Your analysis must contain at least ONE direct quote from the text (with MLA in-text citation).
4) Your finished response paper must be at least 800 words.

Additional Rules:
1) You must use proper MLA formatting (including Works Cited page and in-text citations)
2) Do NOT use a citation generator; always check citations against the OWL guidelines
3) You may not use Wikipedia, Sparknotes, Gradesaver, or similar sites as a source
4) In excess of 20% similarity according to Turnitin; Your work will be flagged for possible plagiarism
5) You may only use the PDF version of the stories given to you in the resources section of this module
6) Use only third person point of view to discuss literature. Do not use first person or second person pronouns. This is a research paper, not an opinion piece

1) The introduction paragraph should include a clear thesis statement. It should also clearly identify the title of the text you’ve chosen to analyze, as well as the author’s name.
2) Each body paragraph should clearly relate back to the thesis.
3) The conclusion paragraph should restate the thesis statement, summarize the main points of your argument, and offer some closing context or insight regarding your topic.
4) All written assignments should be mechanically and grammatically correct, with proper punctuation.
5) Use third-person person point-of-view in order to maintain objectivity. Other general writing tips are located in this week’s “How to Write a Response Paper” resource.

Essay Format
Title of Your Paper
The introduction goes here. You will need a good opening line, something that hooks the reader and makes them want to read on. Why should I care about your topic? What should I expect to learn as I read on? You also need to have your thesis statement somewhere in the introduction, which will depend on what kind of essay youre writing. And keep it under 10 sentences.
I personally like to start off the body of a paper with some historical context. Where did the issue come from? What is the history behind it? If this is an analysis essay, who is the author? What are their credentials? Which publication does this article come from? Is it reputable? Set the stage so I can fully understand why your issue became an issue.
Next go into issue itself. Why is it important? I should have a full understanding of why I should take notice. Then go into your solution, if its applicable. Now that we know what is wrong, what is your proposed solution?
A note on in-text citations. The in-text citation directly links a quote or paraphrase to the full citation in the Works Cited page. The in-text citation appears directly after a quote, which may not necessarily be at the end of the sentence. It will always be either the authors last name or, if there is no author listed by name, it will be the title in quotations, like one of these examples: Blah, blah, blah (Name) or Blah, blah, blah (Title). If your source is a PDF, then you add a page number: Blah, blah, blah (Name 14).
The conclusion goes here. Do not start you conclusion with in conclusion or any variation thereof. The conclusion is a reflection of the introduction (not a direct copy). Do not add new information to a conclusion, all arguments have been made at this point; now is the time for a closing statement. You should reiterate why the topic is important, and why your paper was worth reading. End with a call to action, something memorable.

Works Cited
Author, John T. Article Name in Quotations. Name of the site where you found the article in Italics, www.Llink.goeshere.com. Accessed on 12 January 22.
Writer, John T. Article Name in Quotations. Name of the site where you found the article in Italics, www.Llink.goeshere.com. Accessed on 12 January 22.


gov 5

This week, we’re studying how interest groups work.

First, despite what you see on TV, interest groups are not necessarily an evil thing. The

First Amendment guarantees our right to free speech, and “peaceably to assemble, and to

petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” which is essentially a Constitutional

right to form interest groups and work collectively to influence public policy.

I’m biased on this one. I love teaching, but I spent a career as a lobbyist for the Houston

Apartment Association, a non-profit trade association that represents people who

develop, own and manage apartment properties. Mostly, I do what my clients don’t have

time to do – read all the city council agendas each week, go to meetings, keep track of

what’s being discussed and help explain the unintended consequences of things being

considered. Persuading somebody to vote a certain way is a very rare part of the job, and

is generally done by people actually in the industry, not lobbyists.

At the federal level, though, things are changing. The amount of money required to win a

congressional campaign is becoming enormous, and the extent to which congressmen rely

on interest groups for campaign funding makes many citizens justifiably nervous.

Find the website for the Center for Responsive Politics: https://www.opensecrets.org/

Explore around a little, then find your way to the “Interest Groups” page under “Influence

& Lobbying.” Click on “Interest Groups List,” then search by sector. Find an industry that

interests you – one in which you work or hope to work someday.

Write a 2 – 5 page essay about that group’s campaign contributions. How much do they

give? To whom? Why do you think they chose those recipients? (Hint: Go to

https://www.congress.gov/ and look at their committee assignments) What do you think

they have to gain from doing this? What do they have to lose if they don’t? If you were

involved with this group, would you push for them to do anything differently?





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