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Write a 4-5 page evidence-based proposal to support the need for a nurse informaticist in an organization who would focus on improving health care outcomes.

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I need help with nursing
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For this assessment, assume you are a nurse attending a meeting of your states nurses association. A nurse informaticist conducted a presentation on her role and its impact on positive patient and organizational outcomes in her workplace. You realize that your organization is undergoing many technological changes. You believe this type of role could provide many benefits to your organization.
You decide to pursue proposing a nurse informaticist role in your organization. You speak to your chief nursing officer (CNO) and human resources (HR) manager, who ask you to prepare a 45 page evidence-based proposal to support the new role. In this way, they can make an informed decision as to whether the addition of such a role could justify the return on investment (ROI). They need your proposal before an upcoming fiscal meeting.

This is not an essay, but instead, it is a proposal to create a new Nurse Informaticist position.

One important part of this assessment is the justification of the need for a nurse informaticist in a health care organization and references from relevant and timely scholarly or professional resources to support the justification forcreating this nurse informaticist position. The termjustifymeans to show or prove that the nurse informaticist position brings value to the organization. This justification must include evidence from the literature to support that this position will provide a return on investment for the organization.

To successfully prepare for this assessment, you will need to complete these preparatory activities:

Review assessment resources and activities.
1. Conduct independent research on the nursing knowledge and skills necessary to interact with health information and patient care technology.
1. Focus your research on current resources available through peer-reviewed articles, professional websites, government websites, professional blogs, wikis, job boards, and so on.
1. Consult the
Library Research Guidefor help in identifying scholarly and authoritative sources.

1. Interview peers in your network who are considered information technology experts.
3. Ask them about how information technology advances are impacting patient care at the bedside, at the organizational level, and beyond.
Proposal Format
The chief nursing officer (CNO) and human resources (HR) manager have asked you to include the following headings in yourproposaland to be sure to address the bullets following each heading:
Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist
1. What is nursing informatics?
1. What is the role of the nurse informaticist?
Nurse Informaticists and Other Health Care Organizations
1. What is the experience of other health care organizations with nurse informaticists?
1. How do these nurse informaticists interact with the rest of the nursing staff and the interdisciplinary team?
1. How does fully engaging nurses in health care technology impact:
8. Patient care?
8. Protected health information (security, privacy, and confidentiality)?
2. In this section, you will explain evidence-based strategies that the nurse informaticist and interdisciplinary team can use to effectively manage patients’protected health information, particularly privacy, security, and confidentiality. Evidence-based means that they are supported by evidence from scholarly sources.
8. Workflow?
8. Costs and return on investment?
Opportunities and Challenges
1. What are the opportunities and challenges for nurses and the interdisciplinary team with the addition of a nurse informaticist role?
9. How can theinterdisciplinary team collaborateto improve quality care outcomes through technology?
Summary of Recommendations
1. What are 34 key takeaways from yourproposalabout the recommended nurse informaticist role that you want the CNO andthe HR manager to remember?
10. This is the section where the justificationforthe implementation of the nursing informaticistroleis addressed. Remember to include evidence from the literature to support your recommendation.

Additional Requirements

Written communication:Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

Submission length:45 double-spaced pages, in addition to title and references pages.

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Citations and References:Cite aminimum of threecurrent scholarly and/or authoritative sources to support your ideas. In addition, cite aminimum of onecurrent professional blog or website to support your central ideas.
Currentmeans no more than five years old.

APA formatting:Be sure to follow APA formatting and style guidelines for citations and references.


week 8 2

Question 2:

700 words 2 references
Read the scenario and respond to the question at the end

A lone gunman robbed a jewelry store. The stores video camera captured the robbery. The tape
was broadcast on the internet by the local law enforcement agency. Shortly thereafter, an
anonymous caller contacted the police saying she saw the footage of the robbery and reported
that the robber appears to look like Aaron Suspect. Hes a 21 year-old employee at the local gas

The next day, two police officers took the taped footage to the gas station and showed it to the
manager, who reported it could be Aaron, but he was not entirely certain because the footage was grainy. The footage was also shown to Aarons landlord who said it could be Aaron, but she also could not say for sure.

Later that day, the police officers went back to the gas station when Aaron was working. They
asked the manager if they could talk with Aaron, who was called to the managers office. The
police introduced themselves to Aaron and simply said they had some questions for him. They
walked with Aaron into the managers office and closed the door. One police officer questioned
Aaron from behind the managers desk, and the other officer sat near the door. Both officers
were fully uniformed with their pistols visible. Aaron was positioned between them seated in a
folding char. The managers office measures nine feet by twelve feet and has no windows.

The police officers told Aaron they wanted to ask him some questions about the jewelry store
robbery that occurred the day before. Aaron said he did not have any such knowledge about the
robbery. He continued to deny that he had any knowledge of the robbery for approximately 30
minutes. Aaron did not ask to leave, and neither police officer specifically told Aaron he was free
to leave.

After the first 30 minutes of denials, the police officers told Aaron that they had a videotape of
the robbery and that they had shown it to three people, all of whom positively identified Aaron as
the armed robber. Aaron said nothing for a few minutes. One of the police officers then added
that if Aaron were to cooperate, he would put a good word in with the prosecutor, and that she
may go easy on Aaron. The police officer added that the local prison was not a good one,
housed a lot of hardened criminals, and that it was a frightening place to be locked-up. Aaron
then exclaimed that he did commit the robbery but that the gun was simply a childs water pistol
that only appeared real.

Immediately after Aaron made that statement, the police officers informed Aaron that he was
under arrest for the armed robbery of the jewelry store. The police officers read Aaron his
Miranda rights. Aaron stated he understood his Miranda rights, and he told the police officers he would then remain silent. The police officers placed Aaron in handcuffs and took him to the
police station where he was processed for the charge of armed robbery.

If the police brought this case to you to prosecute, would you move forward with the case
based on the available evidence? Discuss the cases weak points and strong points. Be sure to
comment on whether there are any violations of Aarons Fourth Amendment rights to be free
from unreasonable search and seizure, Miranda rights, voluntariness of the confession,
potential exclusion of evidence, and any other significant Constitutional issue that you believe


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