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Provide at least one complete paragraph response to each of the following ten questions as appropriate. Detailed examples should be included in all answers.
1. Define and discuss the top three primary agents of political socialization in order of significance. Provide specific examples of these your own life if you can.
2. How does the U.S. compare to other democracies in terms of voting turnout? In you answer be sure to list and explain the three factors (in order of significance) that correlate with one’s likelihood of voting.
3.With reference to the Media, define the terms sensationalism, and infotainment. Discuss how these ideas play out in the news we watch on television and social media. Be sure to provide detailed examples.
4. Discuss in detail the current impact of television, radio, newspapers, and social media in informing the American people with news. In your answer, discuss how these media differ in impact on the baby boom and millennial generations.
5.Define and discuss the concepts of party realignment and dealignment. Identify and discuss one realigning election in American history. With reference to realignment and dealignment, how would you characterize the state of party alignment today? Explain.View keyboard shortcuts
6.Define and explain the significance of each of the following:
Primary Election Party Platform Party Identification
7. Carefully discuss how the Electoral College works. Detail every stage and discuss the basic mathematics. In terms of electoral strategy, what are red states, blue states, and swing states?
8. With reference to the lecture on public opinion, provide three attributes of a reliable public opinion survey and comment on why each is important.
9.Define the term ideology. What are the basic differences between liberals and conservatives in America? In your answer provide issue positions for each and provide an example of a prominent liberal and conservative politician.
10.What is a lobbyist? What are two sources of influence lobbyists use when calling on governmental officials?
Provide an example of each of the following: Public Sector Interest Group, Single Issue Interest Group, Economic Interest Group


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Shaping School Culture by Living the Vision and Mission Presentation

Carefully creating a schools vision and mission statements, then seeing that those vision and mission statements are visible and provide a foundation for all school-related decision-making and actions, are key to creating a stable, supportive school culture. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate strategies for promoting and communicating the school mission and vision through collaborative implementation.
Acting as a school leader, outline a plan to collaboratively promote a school’s vision and mission, embedding it in all aspects of the school’s presence and operations.
Create a 10-12 slide digital presentation for your leadership team that explains your plan. Incorporating information gathered from the Clinical Field Experience B observations include the following:

The name of your school and grade levels
Vision and mission statements for your school
At least 7-10 strategies that embed the mission and vision within the school, across a variety of school participants
Provide 2-3 strategies for communicating the mission and vision statements to various stakeholder groups (e.g., leadership team, faculty, staff, students, parents, guardians, and community members).
Supporting rationale for each strategy presented and how it will help to purposefully shape the schools culture.
Include a title slide, reference slide, and presenter’s notes.

Support your plan with 3-5 scholarly articles.

Darius Washington
EAD: 513 Shaping School Culture
Professor Carlson
October 17, 2022

This observation I observed two teachers from the math department. We are currently on Block scheduling due to the many standardized assessments students have to complete. I purposely choose these teachers to compare the styles of how they teach the same the subject online and face to face.
Teacher #1- Writing Workshop
The first teacher I observed is a Geometry Honors teacher. I entered his room during transition between 3rd block and 4th block. The class was starting an activator that refreshes old concept to prepare for the new lesson. After the tardy bell, teacher took attendance and gave students 2 more minutes to complete the activator. The activator was using google earth to see which streets are corresponding angles and vertical angles. As students was finishing up the activator they were ready to start the actual lesson for today. As the lesson progressed, I could see that the students knew the expectations of the learning objective. The teacher gallery walked throughout the class block making sure students are staying on task. As students yelled out, I do not understand, the teacher referenced the warm up exampels. Told the students to apply the skills to the warm up to solve the problems given in the lesson. After about 30 minutes, teacher allowed students to work with their partners. The partners had to find the mistakes in the other partners work if they both did not get the same answer. I could tell students were structured by having a fixed routine and they knew the expectations of behavior.
Teacher #2- Whole Group Math
The second teacher I observed is a Geometry Honors virtual teacher. I entered her class as students were dismissed from lunch. The teacher had a Geometry Angles Song playing as they entered into the virtual classroom. She was engaged with them by asking them how their day is going, or What they had for lunch. Once all the students were in the classroom, she went over todays learning objective, and agenda. While she was doing that she had to remind students to turn their cameras on so she could see them. She posted a warm up sheet, and made students go into breakout rooms to complete the warm up with their group. After about 5 minutes, each group had to share their problem with the class. While this was going on, it was difficult to understand some students due to connection issues. The teacher shared their screen and began showing students guided practice. Due to the noise still in the background, the teacher had to mute everyone herself. I understand the technology issues, even teaching virtual, the teacher still needs to emphasize the expectations.
For teacher #2. I would suggest that the teacher should emphasize expectations and procedures at the beginning of class to make sure everyone is on the same page. The extra noise in the background is a distraction to the learning environment. I also would suggest that she has another laptop in her classroom logged into the class virtual meeting and she would be able to see who camera is not on. These two suggestions will help the teacher with the learning environment and classroom management. As a secondary education teacher, the more you keep students engaged, the less classroom problems a teacher will have. behavior is kept in control. In Developing a Student-centered Classroom (Loveless, 2020), it states that engaging activities and engaging discussions will foster mutual respect and encourages a pursuit of learning that leaves little time for disruptions. PSEL Standard 5 supports this.
PSEL (2015) Standard 5. Community of Care and Support for Students e) Cultivate and reinforce student engagement.
In the lesson, instead of the teacher modeling problems on her Microsoft whiteboard and students watch; she could require students to have their own dry erase whiteboards. This will allow them to follow along and she can check for understanding as well. This would also give her the opportunity to complete assignments independently as well. Students could also use the dry erase whiteboards in break out rooms when working with groups so each student could see each others work. Students taking an active role in the learning process rather than being passive recipients of information from the teacher (Keiler, 2018). This allows students to be even more successful.
In conclusion, I shared my observations and suggestions with my principal mentor and he was impressed. He even considered my suggestions to also be beneficial to every subject virtual teach as well. I also informed my principal that teacher #1 showed strong characteristics of a student centered classroom. He would be a great mentor for any teachers that are struggling with classroom management. Teachers working together supports Standard 6 Professional Capacity of School Personal (PSEL, 2015), develop teachers and staff members professional knowledge, skills, and practice through differentiated opportunities for learning and growth, guided by understanding of professional and adult learning and development.

Keiler, L.S. Teachers roles and identities in student-centered classrooms. 5, 34 (2018).

Loveless, B. (2020). Developing a Student-centered Classroom. Retrieved September 30, 2020, from https://www.educationcorner.com/developing-a-student-centered-classroom.html
National Policy Board for Educational Administration (2015). Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015. Reston, VA: Author.


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