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Data are extremely important for creating competitive advantage. The key is knowing which data matter and ensuring those who need the data, have access to the data, when they need it.
Based on the company you have identified for your Final project, discuss 1) the data that matters to the executives in that industry, 2) who, within that industry, needs that data, and 3) some methods for ensuring that the critical data gets into the users’ hands.

At least one scholarly source should be used in the initial discussion thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources from the UC Library. Use proper citations and references in your post.

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I attached the company we selected and the doc you provided me

Running Head: CIGO 1


Students name
Institutional affiliation


I have been selected as the Chief Information Governance Information Officer (CIGO) at
Apple Company to develop a policy to promote secure data transmission and protect the enterprise and its customers from the vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Apple Company stores transmit sensitive information and handle large sums of money, which are at risk of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks (Kangyi, 2021). The damage that can be caused, both in terms of financial losses and damage to reputation, means that it is vital that companies take appropriate measures to protect their information.

Like many other companies in the electronic industry that hire and endorse the position of a CIGO, the company found it fit to hire me to assess the cyber-attack vulnerability and provide recommendations to the necessary authorities. One key role is that of the Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO). As a CIGO, I am responsible for ensuring that all the processes are secure and that the organization complies with relevant legislation when ensuring the privacy of its data system. The other significant role is to ensure that the company’s community is protected from cyber-attacks. It is also in the customers’ interests that the company takes appropriate action to protect its information.
Based on the assessment provided by the executive, the company faces many technical and managerial challenges that create vulnerability to its sensitive data. One challenge is that the company still stores much of its data in hard copy. Information stored in hard copy is prone to theft, misplacement, and tearing, thus erasing critical information that can use during decision-making. Although the company has started to collect its data in electronic format, they lack a technology that fully protects the information. For instance, storing data in the file shares create security vulnerability since the technology is not compatible with advancing Firewall software,

The other challenge is storing information in a relational database without policies and systems to monitor the administration. The duplication issue can overwhelm the system, leading to the database’s crash and losing data without any chance of recovery (Mullon & Ngoepe, 2019). In business, managers always need to plan for the future. The most successful companies plan, set goals, and take responsibility for achieving those goals. However, some businesses do not plan. A business that does not have policies to address the management of data, business, or customers, is at a disadvantage.

Therefore, the main challenge of handling customers and data and leveraging social media with considering the legal issues or adaptive policies that govern other organizations is risky. Apple Company will likely lose considerable finances due to legal or financial penalties from the oversight authorities. The other main challenge is that the reputation of Apple Company will be tinted.
Establishing the policies based on the established legal regulations will enable Apple Company to know the firm or a person to consult during a data breach. The enterprise will not be able to respond to threats during a data breach. Apple Company is at risk of losing customers upon the realization that the company does not well safeguard its data. The business will risk losing employees who are not given the platform to advance their technical knowledge like other big enterprises.
In today’s business environment, companies must respond to changes in laws, technology, customer expectations, and competition (Agrawal & Alharbe, 2019). Business leaders and managers should create plans that prepare for “what if?” situations. The managers of a company that does not have policies to address the management of data, business, or customers are at risk of losing customers and money. There are several ways in which Apple Company can protect the information that they store. For example, they may encrypt data before it is sent over the internet or store it only on computers with strong firewalls. Companies can also take other steps to protect themselves. These include having clear guidelines and procedures for detecting and dealing with security.


Agrawal, A., & Alharbe, N. R. (2019). Need and importance of healthcare data integrity.
International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET),
11(4), 854-859.

Kangyi, W. (2021, June). Analysis of Financial Policy at Apple Company in 2020. In
2021 International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2021)(pp. 150-153). Atlantis Press.

Mullon, P. A., & Ngoepe, M. (2019). An integrated framework to elevate information governance to a national level in South Africa.
Records Management Journal.


The student must present an investigative work of his place of practice

The work is in Spanish.
You can use the same information from the practice center because it is the same center but paraphrased.
but the diagnosis must be another disorder

[Shortened Title up to 50 Characters] 3
Social Isolation in Older Adults
Ana G. Mndez University,
Trabajo Social con Seminario y Prctica de Campo II
August, 2022

Social Isolation in Older Adults
Social work is a profession in the social sciences, actively involved in the care process of cases in which the human rights, health, and well-being of each person are violated. It includes a discipline that must be put into practice in the search for balance and professional competence; students of this career must prepare themselves by carrying out practical activities and internships in specialized mental health centers, such as the Golden Phoenix Mental Health LLC. I had the pleasant opportunity to carry out my second practice, supervised by the clinical director Carina De Diez.

Golden Phoenix is a mental health clinic in Hialeah, Florida, specializing in psychosocial rehabilitation, founded in 2020. Directed by Mrxxxxxxxxxxxxxx updated in 2021, professional taxonomy code is xxxxx. It has been providing its services in the diagnosis, treatment, and prescription of mental and behavioral disorders for two years; it does not have a predefined age range to provide its services; however, a large part of its clients are older adults. His exact address is 8051 W 24th Av. Unit. 11, Hialeah, FL 30165, contact phone , email: [emailprotected], Website: golden phoenix-communityhealthcenter.business.site


Our goal is to help the individual to face, manage and prevent psychiatric problems, treat symptoms that affect daily functioning, and holistically build a quality of life, seeing the individual as a whole composed of emotional, physiological, intellectual, and environmental factors. In its sociocultural and spiritual dimensions, to minimize or prevent recurring events of mental illness/substance abuse and return the individual to a maximum level of rehabilitation, independence, recovery, and functioning.


To be a therapy center at the forefront of customer needs, developing quality services to promote health and well-being and making society aware of the importance of family participation in the spheres of social life, and prioritizing the importance of human relations using programs and activities as a means to promote personal autonomy and dynamics that lead to the improvement of the quality of life of clients. Thus, with our unique strategies, we achieve the relief or reduction of psychiatric symptoms, that clients learn to cope with their illness, reduce the adverse consequences of their condition, promote drug/alcohol abstinence in the community, promote self-esteem, improve their level of functioning, promote recovery, restore skills, and develop adaptive behaviors.
Services provided by the Golden Phoenix Mental Health LLC center
* Individual therapy
* Group and family therapy
* Behavioral Health
*Mental Health
* Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
One of the treatment methods most used by the institution is PSR. Psychosocial rehabilitation encompasses techniques and strategies for treating mental illnesses, drug abuse problems, and chronic patients to improve their quality of life and integrate them into the community and work.
To the population with which we work the most in this mental health clinic, I have chosen the research topic ”
Social Isolation in Older Adults
since it is one of the most frequent symptoms in older adults who face mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression among others, which is one of the requirements to finish my professional practice.

Social Isolation in Older Adults

This research proposal is to study social isolation in Miami’s older adults (over 65 years). Social isolation is related to multiple physical and cognitive illnesses, causing feelings of loneliness and depression. This qualitative research aims to identify the impact of social isolation in this population group, the problem, and its possible causes or solutions.

Problem Statement

The human being is biopsychosocial. Therefore, he needs the company of others and social integration; various studies dictate that social isolation at any stage of life generates deregulation in the organism psychologically and physiologically. Social isolation produces high levels of stress and anxiety; it is also linked to feelings of loneliness and depression, lack of interest in activities, and apathy; all this leads to a depreciation of the body that can seriously affect health.
Older adults are people whose rights are vulnerable due to physical and cognitive deterioration and, in some cases, health problems. These people live amid prejudice and stigma, being neglected by their own families in their own homes. This type of person is exposed to social isolation; during old age, there is a reduction in interpersonal interactions, and there is a disengagement from the central roles (work life and fatherhood); this generates a change in the relationships in the remaining social parts (Cumming and Henry, 1961); advanced adulthood is marked by events that modify the reality of the ego, retirement, widowhood, death, the empty nest, the certainty that one is in the terminal stage of life, generates high levels of stress. “The loss of roles, the death of relatives, partners and friends and the empty nest effect led to isolation and the deterioration of social relationships” (Portet, 2016). Disengagement comes with retirement; the abrupt break from the work routine and the ability to develop economically produces feelings of anxiety and despair.
Social isolation can produce loneliness, depression, and anxiety and is one of the possible causes of suicide. In addition, they were associated with a 29% increased risk of heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke (CDC, n.d.). The impact of social isolation occurs in an incremental process and produces a growing depression and withdrawal that diminishes the individual’s social skills, stagnating them. The motivation for social interaction is lost, so the socially isolated person needs the help of others to be able to relate to others again. Being a point of focus for social workers, Studies for these populations are scarce and more research needs to be done to determine what the risks are, the impacts, and the appropriate measures that are needed. (CDC, s.f.).

General objectives

* Know the realities to which an elderly adult living alone is exposed.
* Understand risk factors for social isolation in older adults
* Identify the relationship between feelings of depression and loneliness in older adults.

Specific objectives

1) Know the realities to which an elderly adult living alone is exposed.
a) Assess the living conditions of the elderly living alone: housing, community, geographical sector, medical services, access to public and health services, recreational areas, commerce, food, clothing, and religious worship.
b) See how you access services and meet your needs.
2) Understand the risk factors in social isolation in older adults
a) Study the motivations that lead the person to isolate himself socially
b) Understand how the relationship between the family and the elderly influences social isolation.

Research questions

* What are your living conditions as an older adult living alone: housing, community, geographical sector, medical services, access to public services, health and hygiene, access to recreational areas, internet, commerce, food, clothing, and religious worship??
* How does an adult age 65 and older access services and meet their needs: on their own, with assistance, through family members?
* Where does the economic income of the elderly come from: through retirement pension, government aid, salary for work, income from shares in the stock market, income from property rental, own business, family aid, multiple payments?
* What motivates the person to isolate himself socially?
* How does the familys relationship with the older adult influence social isolation?


This study is feasible given that there is a large number of the population in the necessary age range within the geographic scope of the city of Miami, for whom, as social workers, it is essential to identify the problems and life situations, as well as the environmental conditions in which they live. They are living and how it affects their physical and mental health.

Theoretical Bases

L. Maddox’s continuity theory assumes that people maintain the same personality, beliefs, and habits throughout life. When they reach old age, they seek to maintain and strengthen the closest ties, focusing on family relationships and those that they created in the first years of life. This allows them to maintain the integrity of their personality and focus on the present; however, when there are frustrations from the past, or these ties cannot be strengthened, a mismatch occurs. The aging process is a succession of losses, which occur quickly and require adaptive and compensation strategies. For the person to overcome her losses, she must continue acting in life, maintaining constant and intense communication with other people and participating in activities with significant objectives. (Portet, 2016).
The solution is understood as a distancing between people or objects; In simpler terms, to isolate yourself means to be distant and separated from others. Social isolation is prolonged distancing in social activities, interaction with others, and a withdrawal from interpersonal relationships that occurs when a person partially or continuously withdraws emotionally or physically from others within various social settings. This distancing produces feelings of hopelessness and sadness. Emotional pain can activate the same stress responses in the body as physical pain. When this goes on for a long time, it can lead to chronic inflammation and reduced immunity (NIH, s.f.) It can be detrimental to brain health, linked to poor cognitive function and risk of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease.


The method for data collection will be the semi-structured interview, participant observation, and group work. The semi-structured interview allows knowing the experiences and feelings of the elderly, following a guide to carry out the studys objectives without losing sight of the spontaneous contributions that may arise since open questions will be usedand maybe readjusted according to the specific needs of each case in this research project. The participant observation will allow knowing personally the house, the environment, and the community where the subject of study develops, seeing their reality from a primary point of view. Through group work, it will be possible to verify what the social dynamics are like in socially isolated people. If there is a deterioration in social skills, this technique also allows testing the benefits of interaction with others.
The method of information analysis will be the phenomenological hermeneutic. Understanding hermeneutics as the art of interpretation, we will seek to interpret the realities of the subject, the transcripts of the interviews, the recordings, and the observations made to understand the existence of the elderly as their actors live it. . Aware that the phenomenological method is the study of the perception of phenomena, it is proposed to study how older adults perceive their lives, their motivations, and their social and affective needs.

Arranz, L., Gimnez-Llort, L., de Castro, N. M., Baeza, I., & de la Fuente, M. (2009). El aislamiento social durante la vejez empeora el deterioro cognitivo, conductual e inmunitario. Revista Espaola de Geriatra y Gerontologa, 44(3), 137142. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.regg.2008.12.001
Chvez-Negrete, L. A., Olivares-Luna, A. M., Rivera-Rodrguez, J. M., & Pedraza-Avils, A. G. (2021). Relacin entre depresin y ansiedad con el aislamiento social debido al confinamiento en adultos mayores. Revista Peruana de Investigacin en Salud, 5(4), 273278. https://doi.org/10.35839/repis.5.4.1067
Cigna. (s. f.). Signos y sntomas de la soledad crnica. Cigna. https://www.cigna.com/es-us/individuals-families/health-wellness/chronic-loneliness
Gonzlez De Gago, J. (2010). Teoras del Envejecimiento. Tribunal del Investigador. https://www.tribunadelinvestigador.com/ediciones/2010/1-2/art-13/Portet, L. (2016). El envejecimiento a nivel psicosocial. Geriatricarea. https://www.geriatricarea.com/2016/05/27/envejecimiento-nivel-psicosocial/


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