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After you have watched the movie and filled out the associated worksheet (located in the content folder), answer the following questions:
1) Simba had to address widespread problems after Scar’s ruinous reign. Had he assumed the throne immediately after his father’s death, he would have had less to do. Would you prefer to succeed a destructive and despised leader (e.g., Scar) or a productive and admired leader (e.g., Mufasa)? Why? What does your response tell you about your leadership style?
2) Recall a situation in which you tried to escape from a stressful problem. How effective was escape as a means of coping? To what extend did the problem dissipate or resolve itself while you ignored it? To what extent did the problem worsen? If you eventually returned to confront the problem, to what extent could you cope better after gaining some distance? What are the advantages and disadvantages of escape as a coping mechanism? How likely are you to escape in the future? Why? What does your response tell you about your leadership style?
3) Riddled with guilt, shame, and self-doubt, Simba initially abdicated his leadership responsibilities. He decided to fight for his kingdom only after his encounter with Rafiki. Recall a situation in which you initially feared living up to your potential. What and/or who eventually persuaded you to face the challenge? How?
4) Kirkpatrick and Locke (1991) argued that traits are necessary, yet not sufficient, precursors to effective leadership behaviors. Recall a successful leader of an organization or group with which you are familiar. Which behaviors does/did this person display that contribute(d) to his/her effectiveness? Which traits would you use to describe this person? To what extent do you believe you have the requisite traits to lead effectively? If you lack these traits, how do you plan to cultivate or compensate for them?


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INTL discussion
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Discussion 1

Why Mobile Apps? If potential customers cannot reach your services, they are lost potential customers. Smartphones, tablets, and other nontraditional devices are pervasive in the market. The onus of responsibility is on developers to help customers get a product anywhere. Do competitors offer products or services your organization does not? Is that why they have an app? Is there a market an organization desires to expand into? If an organization is already in that market, can they add any features to an app that will have more draw than their competitors?

Why is mobile development difficult? Explain.
Why do some organizations think they do not need a mobile presence?
Why do organizations need a mobile application?
What is the Application Development Life Cycle (ADLC); How does ADLC related to Android development in an enterprise? (see hand-outs in Learning Materials)
Describe 3 key phases of activities that occur in the ADLC – which phase is the work of this class? (see hand-outs in Learning Materials)

To participate in this Discussion:
Respond to the Discussion prompts. Then, read a selection of your classmate’s postings. Reply to at least two classmate’s posts by Sunday (mdnight). Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of your reading/research, lecture notes, and the comments your classmates made.
Complete the Week #1 Discussion and submit by Sunday (midnight).

Short, qualitative, constructive, and value-added replies are required. Be sure to address the person to whom you are replying to.
Use at least two different in-text citations and list a reference of these supporting sources following APAs style and formatting – follow the class General Discussion Requirements.
This reference list should be placed immediately at the end of your response to the Discussion prompts. All sources you cite, even in replies to classmate’s posts, must be in this same reference list.
Do not claim credit for the words, ideas, and concepts of others.
Do not copy and paste information or concepts from the Internet and claim that is your work. It will be considered Plagiarism and you will receive a zero for your work.


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