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HMGT 5630 Event Management Guidelines for Term Research Paper

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Extensive literature review will lead you to develop your ideas in aspecifc research area. Also, solid literature review will helps you to understand what has been studied and how they were studied, and what were left for the future study. Each student needs to contact instructor for the details. The following three critical questions will help you to accomplish this step.

Length: Minimum 12 pages and maximum of 15 pages, not including cover page and reference section.
Written assignments will be evaluated for their quality of content, completeness, professional presentation, grammar and meeting stated APA submission guidelines.

All written assignments are to be submitted typed and in a professional format. References must be cited using APA style ( Please carefully review and proof read all written assignments prior to submission. Papers must utilize the following style and format:
A minimum of 12 pages and a maximum of 15 pages, not including cover page and reference section.
Title page including the papers title centered on the page. Additionally, name, course name and number, instructor, and date must appear in the upper right hand corner of the title page.
Single sided ONLY
One-inch margins on each page.
Text must be double-spaced on each page (except title page).
Page numbers (centered on the bottom of each page – except the title page).
Size 12 font (Calibri).
Copies of all resource material must be ciated and turned in with your paper when requested.
References must be in APA Format.
Papers and assignments will only be accepted in this format and points will be deducted (see grading rubric) if failure to meet these guidelines is identified.
All written assignments will be submitted to and graded using Grademark. Links to are/will be provided for each written assignment on the course Canvas.

Submission: The research project should be reported in MS Word.

The term paper should be typed, double-spaced in 12 fonts,
Calibri, with 1-inch margins (APA style).

Cover Page & Each Page with Page Numbers
Contents Table with Page Numbers
Professional Writing
Due Date for Final Project: See Class Schedule

Submission of Written Assignments: Assignments should be given directly to the instructor unless otherwise specified. Ten (10) points will be deducted each calendar day if the assignment is submitted late. Assignments will not be accepted after 48 hours of submission due date. A grade of F will be assigned after that time.

Guidelines: Written assignments will be evaluated for their quality of content, completeness, professional presentation, grammar, and meeting stated APA submission guidelines. Literature Review Examples-2

CollegeSports_FsQ_HK_Literaure Review_Option I.docx

Download CollegeSports_FsQ_HK_Literaure Review_Option I.docx

CollegeSports_iS2W_HK_Literature Review_Option II.docx

Download CollegeSports_iS2W_HK_Literature Review_Option II.docx

Sports Analysis_GPA 3_Literature Review_Option III.docx

Download Sports Analysis_GPA 3_Literature Review_Option III.docx

Sport Event and Student Performace_Literature Review_Option IV.docx

Download Sport Event and Student Performace_Literature Review_Option IV.docx

SUS_SKEI_HK_Literature Review_Option V.docx

Download SUS_SKEI_HK_Literature Review_Option V.docx

Metaverse_Literature Review_Option VI.docx

Download Metaverse_Literature Review_Option VI.docx


Assessment 2

You are teaching at a local college and want to provide your students with an example of how a specific teratogen affects a critical trimester of fetal development, including timing, dosage, duration, and genetics. Prepare a lecture, using relevant and recent references to support your example, that explains the implications of a selected teratogen for prenatal development, considering the impact of this teratogen on the individual, family, and society, as well as ways to minimize the exposure. Be sure to take into account any relevant individual and cultural factors that may come into play and to write in an audience-appropriate tone.
2- 3 pages suitable for a lecture to undergraduate students, explaining the implications of a selected teratogen for prenatal development that considers timing, dosage, duration, genetics, etcetera and the associated consequences and costs to families, and society while considering individual and cultural differences. The writing style should be direct and understandable and include scholarly references.
Organize your lecture using the following headings:
Overview: Provide a summary of the teratogen.
. Identify a specific teratogen and the type or amount of exposure that can harm fetal development.
. Identify a common product or environmental pollutant that would be a concern for expectant parents (such as lead-contaminated water).
. Where is the teratogen found?
. What type, frequency, or amount of exposure is a concern?
Developmental Risks: Identify the specific risks to prenatal development. Identify the trimester that is most critical in prenatal development that the toxin affects (for example, heart and lungs).
Summarize research that explains how a specific teratogen affects a trimester of prenatal development.
Describe how a specific teratogen harms fetal development in a critical trimester.
. Explain
whyit is dangerous (for instance, drugs cross the blood barrier).

. If, for example, the toxin affects lung development, discuss the consequences.
. Consider the role of health disparities as they relate to developmental risk.
Implications of Exposure:
Evaluate the potential impact or outcomes to family and society as a result of prenatal teratogen exposure while considering the role of health disparities.
What are the short-term and long-term outcomes from the exposure?
. Other related costs or consequences as the result of exposure?
. Special education costs?
. Increased health care costs?
Minimize Exposure:
Analyze recommendations from reputable sources for minimizing prenatal or postnatal exposure to a specific teratogen.
Analyze the quality of the research and the conclusions to prevent a specific teratogen exposure.
. Identify prevention and intervention options.
. Consider medical, social, and economic prevention strategies.


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