Module 04 Course Project – Travel Destination Presentation


Using the information that you gathered on your travel destination, create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

A minimum of 6 slides and a maximum of 8 slides.
A minimum of three slide layouts, pleasing to the eye and easy to read.
Two or more clip art pieces or photos, one WordArt object,ANDone Shape.
A theme.
A title slide that introduces you, your employer (International Travel Company), and your travel destination. It should also include the dates of the trip (select from either an October or a March date) and the cost of the trip: $3,200 per person. Note that optional travel insurance may be purchased for $250.
A slide that lists the name of the hotel you selected and a few details that will excite travelers about staying at this hotel. If you got this information from the Internet, be sure to use your own words. Copying and pasting is considered plagiarism. Indicate that a 50% down payment is required one month before the vacation begins (you determine the date) and that 50% is due one week before takeoff.
One or two slides that list details about the two tourist spots that travelers will be visiting. Again, be sure to use your own words.
A slide detailing the restaurant you chose for fine dining and a few possible dinner choices, if you have that information. Otherwise, make up the menu options.
A slide with an exciting fact about your destination.
A final slide to motivate potential vacationers to sign up.
Various transitions on each slide.
A least two animations.

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Module 04 Course Project – Travel Destination Presentation
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Travel Project

Jasmine Washington

Rasmussen College

Mod 2

Professor Kamrowski



Travel Project

Seeing that I’ve always wanted to visit Spain, and specifically Barcelona, I made that


Average temperatures for the months of March and October.

I learned that the average temperature in Barcelona is 51.7 degrees Fahrenheit (10.9

degrees Celsius) in March and 63.4 degrees Fahrenheit (17.4 degrees Celsius) in October

(Barcelona Climate).

A hotel with a short description.

To stay in comfort throughout my trip, I decided on the Monument Hotel. The Monument

Hotel can be found on the bustling Passeig de Gracia in the heart of Barcelona. Most of

Barcelona’s sights are within easy walking distance. Four of their restaurants have been

awarded Michelin stars, and their executive chef has earned a total of 12.

Two tourist spots or points of interest for a vacationer and short descriptions of each.

Obviously, La Sagrada Familia is the first place you need to go. A total of 135 years and

counting have passed during the building of La Sagrada Familia. It is also a major tourist


attraction in Spain. Placa de Catalunya will be the second attraction. Barcelona’s central plaza,

Placa de Catalunya, was officially opened by King Alfonso XIII in 1927. It’s five hectares in

size and serves as the boundary between Ciutat Vella and Eixample (Placa de Catalunya).

A restaurant for fine dining

I decided on Boca Grande as my fine dining establishment of choice. Tapas, or small

savory appetizers, take center stage, but they also offer an extensive beverage menu and

seafood specialties like octopus and mussels. Everyone, from A-listers to tourists, receives

five-star treatment (Boca Grande).

An “exciting fact” about your destination.

I learned that there were no beaches along the shore before 1922, when Barcelona held the

Olympic Games. The seaside was the alternative home to many different types of industry. The

coastline wasn’t developed as a beach until 1922, when sand was sent in from Egypt (Sadler).


When completing my study, I found the page that gave me the typical temperatures

between March and October to be the most useful. The website not only provided me with

monthly rainfall and temperature averages, but also with the altitude above sea level at where

Barcelona is located. If I need to refer back to the weather at any point in the project, I can do

so with this information at hand.


Barcelona Climate. Climate Data.



Boca Grande: BOCA GRANDE.

Plaa de Catalunya. Visit Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia – Official ticket vendors – Sagrada Familia.


Module 4 Assignment | Defining an Audience for a Social Media Message


Take your business/client/brand (the one from the SMART goals assignment), and taking into

account geographic area, tell me about your target audience. This is the target audience for

your social media message NOT for the entire product. You will need to define both

demographics and psychographics. You can look at your target area using either the US Census

or SimplyAnalytics to see what your potential targets might be.

This is the target audience for your social media message NOT for the entire product. To

whom are you speaking with your social media. Remember the narrower your target the more

likely your social media campaign is to be successful. If you speak to everyone; you speak to no


This is the target audience for your social media message NOT for the entire product. (Why do

I keep saying this? it’s the number one reason that people do poorly on the assignment. They

give me the entire target for the brand. You may welcome people of both sexes aged 19-78 in

your gym, but a message for a 19 year old man, will not work for a 59 year old woman.)

Use the same business/brand as you used for your goal assignment. I have provided four

samples below or (even better), you may also use a real local business. By using the same brand

for all your assignments you will find that at the end of the semester you will have a social

media strategy outlined for this business that you can put in your portfolio.

You will need to use SimplyAnalytics to get “the number” … i.e. the number of people in the

target area that match your demographic description. This is worth 15 points, so you can

certainly pass without it, you just can’t get an A on the assignment. I will hold office hours this

week to help people with SimplyAnalytics. Only about 3 people at a time can log into

SimplyAnalytics through our library. That is why you have two weeks for the assignment. If you

wait until the day before it is due, you will not be able to log on. Again, that’s only a problem if

you want an A on this assignment.

Demographics are:


Sex or gender


Sexual orientation

Marital status

Number of children



Education level

Home ownership

Place of residence

You don’t need all of them, but you need some.

Psychographics are attitudes, interests, and opinions. An easy short cut is to find a VALs that

fits. But you can just describe these attributes of your target. ESRI has psychographics, but you

need to pull out the ones that are appropriate for your target.

Use the same business/brand as you used for your goal assignment. I have provided four

samples below or (even better), you may also use a real local business. By using the same brand

for all your assignments you will find that at the end of the semester you will have a social

media strategy outlined for this business that you can put in your portfolio.

Sample Businesses for Social Media and Strategic Branding WITH potential client areas. (To help

you narrow your audience and come up with a real number of potential targets.)

1. Elizabeth Marsh Candidate for Mayor of Middle South Miami. District is composed of

zipcode = 33134. Precincts 606 and 623

a. (note this is not the real boundary of South Miami, but I chose one zipcode to

make demographics easier.)

b. Candidate’s interest and expertise are education and climate change

c. Candidate wants to raise money, so how many people would you say are

interested in education (for their children) and sea level rise? Be honest with

yourself (and me), not everyone cares about (or believes in) climate change and

a smaller target is better.

2. Mobile Tire Repair and Replacement (you pick a great name) service area is zipcodes =

33134, 33126 and 33144.

a. New company seeking to establish brand awareness

b. Tire repair and replacement at your work

3. Westchester International Bank local area zipcodes = 33155, 33144,

a. Established community bank that wants to expand portfolio

b. Wealth management and estate planning

4. Little Royals VPK (Voluntary Pre-K) and childcare. Zipcode = 33134 & 33144

a. LRVPK is a well known high end childcare facility

b. Rebranding to service more moderate income families through state sponsored


You should then tell me how many of these people described above are in your target area.

This is where you need to use SimplyAnalytics.

Define this narrow target (for the message) using demographics and psychographics. Your

research should reflect SimplyAnalytics or the US Census, and ESRI. Your target must be narrow

with respect to age, socio-economic bracket, and sex, also race/ethnicity if it is relevant.

Lastly, create an audience persona (or buyer persona) which is description of a person with a

name, sex, etc who is your typical audience member. This needs to include a picture. I have

included templates for audience personas in the module. You may follow one of these or you

may do some research on your own to find another style you like better.

Before you start look at the rubric. You can clearly see from the rubric what I am looking for and

how you can lay it out so it is easy to grade.




Narrow target


Your persona must look like one of the templates, or what you would see if you Googled “Buyer

Persona.” But do not copy the templates. I will not except any of those examples.

ADV4323 Target audience rubric (2)

ADV4323 Target audience rubric (2)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a
Learning OutcomeResearch
What is your research source?
Simply Analytics or Census or
another recognized source for
demographics? VALS or ESRI or
another recognized source for

10 pts

This criterion is linked to a
Learning OutcomeDescription –
Is your demographic description
complete? (Age, sex, race,
ethnicity, SES, family status,
marital status, and other
pertinent demographic

50 pts

descriptors. If you don’t use a
criteria then why?)

This criterion is linked to a
Is your psychographic
description complete using
either ESRI or VALS or another
acknowledged source.

50 pts

This criterion is linked to a
Learning OutcomeHow many
are there?
I want a number. If you’re using
the whole US (i.e. an online
business who targets the whole
US) then make sure you
understand percentage of US
population that composes your
audience and get a number
from there.

10 pts

This criterion is linked to a
Learning OutcomeNarrow
Is you target audience
sufficiently narrow?

20 pts

This criterion is linked to a
Learning OutcomePersona
Do you have a persona

10 pts

Total Points: 150



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