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Chapter 2 Cmo est usted?

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Ejercicio Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb

A. Mi mam _______________ enferma.
B. _______________ (t) bien?
C. (Yo) _______________ mucho mejor, gracias a Dios.
D. Mis pacientes _______________ mejores.
E. Marisol y yo _______________ preocupados por Elsita.
F. La clnica _______________ en la Maple Street.

Ejercicio Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb

A. (Yo) _______________ en casa.
B. Dnde _______________ usted?
C. _______________ (t) en el bao?
D. Mis hijos y yo _______________ en la cafetera.
E. El pediatra _______________ en el consultorio hoy.
F. El doctor y la enfermera _______________ en la clnica con un paciente.
G. La clnica ambulatoria _______________ en el primer piso.
H. (Yo) _______________ en la segunda planta.

Ejercicio Read the following story. Choose between
ser and
estar and supply the correct

form of the verb in the spaces provided.

Buenos das. Me llamo Hilda Rodrguez Portocarrero. ___________ enfermera en el hospital
Nuestra Seora de la Altagracia. El hospital ___________ grande y famoso. El hospital
___________ en Lima, Per. Trabajo con la doctora Kathi Collins. La doctora Collins
___________ norteamericana. Ella ___________ en el hospital todos los das, pero yo no.
Los sbados yo ___________ en la clnica y los domingos ___________ en casa. Los domingos
la clnica ___________ cerrada. La doctora ___________ alta y delgada. Yo ___________ baja
y no muy delgada. La doctora y yo ___________ muy contentas.
Now write several sentences about yourself using ser and estar.

Ejercicio Like playing Jeopardy, complete the questions that would have elicited each
answer. Some will use ser and others will use

A. Originalmente soy de Phoenix, Arizona.
De dnde _______________?
B. Estoy en el hospital de lunes a viernes.
Cundo _______________ en el hospital?
C. Soy doctor de cabecera.
Cul _______________ su profesin?
D. La enfermera es alta, morena y muy simptica.
Cmo ________________________________________?
E. Estoy muy cansado.
Cmo _________________________________________?
F. La pediatra es la doctora Marcelina Allende de Oviedo.
Quin ___________________


Draft of Chapter Two

Please use the following format for your Chapter 2, the Study Literature Review

Chapter 2 Formatting



Number of Pages


First Paragraph – Topic, problem, the purpose of the dissertation, and
Second Paragraph – how Chapter 2 will be structured.

2 paragraphs

Search Strategy

Explain research process used – search results for keywords and journal articles (filters used, publication dates, databases searched)

2 paragraphs


Overview of theory/model being using and how it evolved.
Theories build on one another/evolve and so do models, this is looking at the evolution of them.

11 pages

Lit Review

Theory/model/Variables In Action. All the literature on the hows, whens, and results of this theory/model. This is the foundation to use that model.

21 pages


Where is this being tested – Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Forensics, IT, the population, scholarly literature in this field.

6 pages

Students Contribution

Tying Theory/Model/Variables, Lit Review, and Testing together. What the student is contributing to the body of knowledge.
Your contribution what models/theories and population are you examining – this is the unique combination. This is why you should not find an exact duplicate match under Testing this is your new research, your contribution

5 pages


Clear, concise summary of Chapter 2

1 to 2 pages Cyber- Attacks on Healthcare and Their Mitigation Techniques.


Information Systems Security


Cyber- Attacks on Healthcare and Their Mitigation Techniques.

Proposed Topic The severity of attacks on healthcare industries is rising, substantially exposing information security, effective patient treatment, financial obligations, and loss prevention. The value of healthcare data, such EHRs, on the dark web is very high, considerably raising the organization’s risk. As technology develops, there are more entry points into networks, and vulnerabilities are found more frequently. Cybercriminals like to attack the healthcare sector. It is because healthcare data has a significant commercial value. Healthcare data, like the EHR, has increased in value since it combines personal and financial information into a single digital document. EHR is a tool that cybercriminals can use for extortion and false billing. Awareness of the latest cyber threats and their mitigation strategies must require for every organization’s employee due to a lack of awareness of threats and delay in triggering them, leading to considerable losses to organizations and individuals.


Connection to the topic Specializing in information technology (IT), Providing security to the application, and adopting new technologies are significant roles. Researching and learning about the risks and advantages of the new technologies is my responsibility before adopting them. Organizational success depends on the availability of secure networks and the safekeeping of sensitive data, making healthcare cybersecurity a top priority. Electronic health record (EHR) systems, e-prescribing systems, start practicing organizational support structures, clinical decision support systems, radiation oncology information systems, and CPOE (computerized physician order entry) systems are just a few examples of specialized hospital information systems used by many healthcare organizations.


Theory Model:

(Technology Acceptance Model)

Theoretical framework the
technology acceptance model (TAM) is a theoretical framework with characteristics that significantly impact employee behavior intentions and usages of cyber security, such as perceived utility and perceived ease of use. With TAM, self-efficacy has been shown to affect how information systems are adopted and used. This study makes use of the theoretical framework for security awareness and training. Where to invest resources for cyber-defense can be decided by using an assessment approach for cyber risk like the FAIR model. A cyber risk assessment can assist in determining where to focus in order to protect an organizations most vulnerable and priceless information assets by clearly prioritizing which vulnerabilities are most endangered or would result in a comparably worse loss. Gaps in the Existing Literature The current research has been essential in examining the public clouds security vulnerabilities and the effects of these concerns on cloud computing consumers and service providers. Because they increase both production and efficiency, teams are an indispensable component of modern enterprises. Therefore, switching around the members of a team can improve overall productivity. Businesses are compelled to develop innovations that are team-based and increase their productivity because the external environment is fraught with uncertainty.


Population Targeting fifteen to twenty cyber security specialists familiar with cyber security and its uses in different IT contexts will be the focus of this research. It also included a survey of employees working in the healthcare industry to know their awareness of the latest threats and mitigation strategies and how organizations provide training to the employees to mitigate such cyber-attacks. Research Question How to enhance cyber security in healthcare to overcome cyber-attacks? One of the greatest dangers hospitals faces is cyber-security breaches. The medical industry will suffer if cyber security is not improved to prevent the theft of sensitive data. While there is no denying the seriousness of the cyber security issue, safeguards can be tightened in areas where machine learning is applied, such as the use of robust passwords to secure user data in healthcare institutions from hackers. Using questionnaires and polls, well assess whether or not recent efforts to bolster cyber security have been successful. Seventy-five healthcare IT professionals were surveyed about ways to improve cyber security. Sixty-three experts believe that hackers cannot gain access to health and medical records if proper security measures are in place, whereas seven experts believe that cyber security is configuration-based. If the equipment were not correctly implemented, a hacker would defeat the security. Five experts in the field of cyber security concluded that if given enough time, hackers could gain access to whatever data they desired. Orebamjo, 2022. As for the second, it involved scouring the internet and library catalogs for old documents. Using this technique, I gathered 210 data points on how to improve hospital cyber security. According to the opinions of 27 industry professionals, good cyber security would be enabled by security updates and critical programming languages, which would prevent hackers from accessing the systems. Twenty-three cyber security experts agreed that security may be bolstered; yet hackers can exploit flaws in healthcare networks from a variety of angles.


Qualitative (Only)


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