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[removed] N4465 Care of Vulnerable Populations

Modules 1-3 (Weeks 1 3) Assignment Template
Use of the Three-Part Course Template
The use of the three-part template to submit weekly Major Course Paper Assignments goes as

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Week 1: Windshield Survey and Key Informant Interviews. Complete the First Section
of the course template and submit. (Keep this section attached to Weeks 2 and 3 assignments.)
Week 2: Statistical Analysis of Community Health Problem. Complete the Second Section
of the course template and submit. (Keep this section attached to Weeks 1 and 3 assignments.)

Week 3: Community Health Nursing Intervention. Complete the Third Section of the
course template and submit. By now, you should have Sections 1-3 as one whole document.

Each section of the course template is submitted on a WEEKLY basis, depending on which week you
are working on. DO NOT wait to submit all three sections at the end of the third week.

Please note that students are not to make any changes to the content of the course template, for
example, removal of questions or examples imbedded in the response box of the template.

Removal of the questions or examples imbedded in the response box of the template is
considered tampering with the content and will result in a 10-point grade deduction per
Should removal of the questions or examples imbedded in the response box of the template persist by the
student, in addition to the 10-point deduction, the student will be referred to the Office of Student
Conduct for final disposition. You are strongly encouraged to be mindful of this course policy.

The ONLY change students may make to the template is to enlarge the space to make their entries in
the response boxes.

Should you encounter any difficulties with these course policy guidelines, please consult with your
Academic Coach.

Windshield Survey and Key Informant Interviews

Student Name: _________ Dates: __________

Name of Community or Zip Code: __________

Module One (Week One): Part One Windshield Survey and Key
Informant Interviews

Please complete the following information on this template about the community
you have selected. If you do not use this template there will be a 10- point grade
penalty per assignment, and you will be required to resubmit within 48 hrs. You
may increase the size of the blocks on the template by continuing to type within each
section. Use as much space as necessary to provide your answers.

Elements Descriptors


Make sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if
something was not found within your community area.

Boundaries What defines the boundaries? Roads, water, railroads. Is the area
known for a particular name? What area is this community located in?

Highways, beautiful neighborhood streets, and roads define the boundaries of
the community I chose to live in, which is known as Sienna Plantations. Man-
made lakes and small pavilions surrounded by very beautiful varieties of
flowers are found throughout the community, creating a very relaxing
atmosphere. Sienna Plantations is located in between two growing cities,
Sugar Land and Missouri City. I live in Missouri City. There are even
reservoirs and major channels that connect to the Brazos River running
throughout parts of our community, giving the parts and walking trails an
abundance of great, small scale sightings of wildlife that is not too harmful.

Housing and

What is the age of the houses? Describe type of construction material,
appearance, and general condition. Do you see single family housing?
Multi-family housing?

Since Sienna Plantations was a master planned community that began
construction around late 1996, it is still rapidly growing to this day. Thus a
huge portion of houses in this community are around 20 years old, where as

the house that I currently live in is around 8 years old. There are still new
homes being built, and there are many homes in this community that are
around one to three years old. In general, there are around 4 main builders
who have contracts to build smaller neighborhoods throughout Sienna
Plantations. All of these builders use different materials and plans. However,
in my neighborhood, there is a large incorporation of stucco, and stone
designs. Also, most of the houses are in great condition, due to the Home
Owners Association being very stringent on their deed policies. From my
perspective, I can personality attest that all of the houses are rather amazing to
look at. Most of the houses that are located in Sienna Plantations are built for
single family housing. However, one of the newer mini-neighborhoods is
accommodating a design plan for mufti-family housing.

Meeting Places

Where do people in the neighborhood hang out? Who hangs out there
and what hours of the day?

There are several places where people get together to hangout in Sienna
Plantations. Being a master planned community, there are places and spots
that accommodate all types of people. There are 4 community pools that are
open during the summer times and people hangout there from the hours of 9
AM to 7 PM. There are over 100 miles of walking trails that are used all
throughout the day that run throughout woods, parks, and small creeks. There
is also a Sienna recreational center with a spacious gym and sauna that is
usually fully occupied with people from 9 AM to 6 PM. The golf course also
has a large influx of older folks enjoying their mornings and afternoons on the
course. Also, smaller restaurants are common hang out places for many of the
youth in the neighborhood. Some include Pepperonis, Sonic, and Snowflakes,
which is a very busy donut/breakfast place. There are also many other
recreational facilities, such as tennis courts, and volleyball courts, that sees a
lot of attendance from many of the women in our community.

Indicators of
Growth or Decline

Is this a thriving community or does it look run down? Is there new
or ongoing construction? Businesses and Industries coming to the
area? Are buildings, roadways, and public areas clean and well-kept.
Do you see dirt, trash, or graffiti?

Sienna Plantations is a thriving and rapidly growing community. More houses
and neighborhoods are being developed as we go deeper into Sienna. There is
new construction in the entrance where buildings are being built, a new
apartment complex, and further down there are new neighborhoods that are
being built from the three hundred thousand dollar range, all the way to a
couple of million dollars. The roads are kept clean, even when there is

construction, there are cleaning crews that clean up by the end of the day.
There are workers, who come and empty all trash cans in public areas every 3
days. Roads are always kept clean, and so are the lakes. There are doctors
offices, over 7 churches, 4 schools, busy restaurants, and many other smaller,
but well run businesses that attract a large number of consumers.


What places for employment are there is this area? Name the
businesses and industries in this area.

Near Sienna Plantations, there is a Methodist Hospital Outpatient clinic, a
Kelsey Seybold clinic, Methodist Emergency room, a few small urgent care
centers (First Choice 24 hour), a Memorial Hermann Rehab center, HEB,
Krogers, Wal-Mart, and several fast food services, dry cleaners, and beauty

Transportation How do people get from one place to another? Is public transportation
available? How timely is it? Personal autos? Bikes? Walking?

The people in this area depend on their own mode of transportation, which is
majorly done by cars. There is a public transportation Metro bus service from
a Kroger complex about 3 miles down the highway that goes to the Texas
Medical center. A lot of people rely on that service as well. Across the street
there is an elementary school where the children ride bikes or walk to as their
way of transport.

People Make sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if
something was not found within your community area.

Race and

What is the majority racial group represented? What is the majority
ethnic group represented? Describe the distribution of gender,
approximate ages, single families, multiple families, generational

There is a diverse racial group in this area. There are many whites/Caucasians
in the older parts of Sienna, with the newer parts being a mix of having
whites, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. Ethnicity is also diverse in this area.
There is a wide variety of people all over the neighborhood. A vast majority
of this population is Christian because there are many churches within this
area. In the new parts of Sienna, there are younger couples and new families
with little kids. There are many generational families, where grandparents are
living with their kids and taking care of their grandchildren. Approximately,
half of the community is over the average age of 50 years, where the other
half ranges from, on average 1 to 50 years of age.


What cultural similarities or differences do you observe? Languages
spoken? Clothing? Ethnic eating places? Culturally-based
celebrations? Signs in languages other than English?

There is an Indian Malayalee association in one of the areas of this
neighborhood. There are about 75 South Indian families that come together
for occasions such as Christmas/New Years, have dinner with special
performances by the younger generation. They wear their traditional Indian
attire and have traditional authentic Indian food that is usually done pot luck
style. There are no signs in other languages that is noted, everything is in

Healthy Behaviors

What healthy lifestyle behaviors do you observe? Do you see people
exercising, wearing helmets when biking, seat belt usage, using trash
cans for garbage disposal, healthy eating practices?

There is a trail with small parks and pools all around Sienna Plantation. From
dawn until dusk there are people who run, walk, jog, do yoga, and walk their
pets all throughout the neighborhood. Many of the people are seen either
exercising early in the morning or during the late evening hours. There are
benches about every half a mile, with trash cans and disposal areas around.
The area is kept very clean. The smaller stores, also including HEB, sell a lot
of organic foods, that people in this neighborhood consume a lot of.

Lifestyle Risk

What unhealthy lifestyle behaviors do you observe? Do you see people
practicing risky lifestyle behaviors such as drinking alcoholic
beverages, smoking, fighting? Do you see signs of violence, gang
activity, drug use, criminal activity, and bars on doors and/or windows?
Do you see overweight/underweight persons? Do you see children
unattended playing out in the streets? Do you see any signs of
homelessness? Street people? Describe gender, age, and
race/ethnicity of persons observed.

I do not see any signs of violence around the area. This area is noted to be a
clean and secure area, though there were a few break ins reported on the news
here and there. In certain areas there are cameras installed, done solely by the
neighbors for protection and security. I do not see any people lingering around
drinking or smoking, or any kids that are unattended playing in the streets.
Since there is a school across the street, there are cops that patrol the area


Do you see any signs of homelessness? Street people? Describe

gender, age, and race/ethnicity of persons observed.

There are no signs of homelessness in this area.

Services in


Make sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if
something was not found within your community area, how
far away it is and how people will access it.

Social Services Do you see evidence of recreation centers, parks, and social services?
For services that are not available, how far must persons travel to
access these services? Describe each.

Sienna does have several recreational centers. There are 4 big pool/adventure
park type areas, 2 gyms, a golf course, horse riding trails with horses, and
much more. There are centers where the family members can go get their
membership IDs for these recreational purposes. However, people who use
other recreation centers can find them about 4 to 5 miles away from the

Health Services Do you see evidence of health (Hospitals, Drs Offices, Clinics) and
mental health services? Describe each. Are there any signs of
alternative services in the area, such as healers (curanderos),
herbalists, herbal stores, palm readers, acupunctures, chiropractors.
For services that are not available, how far must persons travel to
access these services?

There is a Kelsey Seybold Clinic, Methodist ER, and a few doctors
offices in and around Sienna Plantations. Within a 5 mile radius there
are several urgent care cares, outpatient physical therapy centers,
gyms, pharmacies, and etc. This city has a variety of different places
that a person can chose from to get health concerns cared for.

Fire and
Police Services

Do you see any fire and police services/equipment/officers? Where are
the closest fire and/or police stations?

There is a police/fire department located in the middle of Sienna Plantations.
There are many cops are patrol the area on a daily basis. Response times are
rather quick in terms of police services or fire services.


Where is the nearest public library? Discuss the Schools and
Universities/Community colleges?

There is a Sienna library, a Houston Community College branch, and several
public schools located within Sienna Plantations. The elementary schools,

middle schools, and high schools are all top notch schools. The Sienna Branch
Library sees a very large number of visitors daily, ranging from families
visiting for children to check out books, to college students visiting to study
for exams.

Religions What signs of religion do you see? Discuss the types of churches,
mosques, temples? What services are offered by these churches,
e.g., Day Care, Mothers Day Out, Summer Camps, Languages
Classes, Citizenship Classes, Food Banks, Clothing, other.

There are about 7 Christian churches distributed throughout Sienna
Plantation. Two of them do have services for day care for children throughout
the day. There are summer camps and classes offered at three of the locations.
There is a variety of religion. I have not noted any mosques or temples within
Sienna, but there is a temple about 15 minutes from this area.

Business &

Describe stores and shops available in the community, e.g., grocery
stores, gas stations, department stores. What type of business climate
exists? Manufactures? Light or heavy industry? Large employers?
Small business owners? Retail? Hospitality industry? Do people have
to seek employment elsewhere? Is this considered a bedroom
community- where people work outside this community but live here?
Make sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if
something was not found within your community area.

There is an HEB located just in front of Sienna Plantations. There are several
gas stations located within and outside of Sienna. There are a few hospitals,
clinics, several fast food services and restaurants here as well. A lot of people
work in hospital settings and travel from this area to the Texas Medical center
or other areas for jobs. This area is close to the Fortbend Tollroad and has
easy access to Highway 6. The nearest mall is about 10 miles away which is
the First Colony Mall. There are retail stores about 10 minutes away on
Highway 6.

Politics What indicators do you see about politics? Posters? Headquarters?
Make sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if
something was not found within your community area.

During voting times, there are posters of candidates all over the Sienna library
area and outside on the Highway 6 entrance into Sienna Plantations. Voting
does take place in the library, so all of the candidate posters are located there.
Otherwise, there are not headquarters located in this area.

Media Do you see indicators of what people read? Listen to the radio? Watch
TV? Are there any signs of media language other than English? Make
sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if something
was not found within your community area.

I am not able to see what people read or watch on TV. I do here the younger
generation listening to hip hop music as they drive around. There are no signs
of media in other languages other than English noted.


Interview a fireman or police office.

Also interview a librarian, school teacher, school nurse or

Ask each person interviewed to share their perceptions of

the following and cite personal communication as appropriate:

1. Interview with fireman or police officer

Communitys Health issues

Communitys Safety issues

Strengths of the Community

I visited the local fire department in Sienna Plantation, and there was a police
officer there. His opinions of the community health issues, safety issues, and
strengths of the community were as follows, This community does a lot of
health awareness, they do participates in walks, and have health educational
programs throughout the year. The community council group members takes
initiative in health awareness. There is a Sienna newspaper that has upcoming
events, and general information needed throughout the community. There
have been several safety issues that have been brought forth in this
community. There were signs put up within 3 mile radius of the elementary
schools to prevent car blockages. Cars in those areas were ticketed or towed
during school hours. Cameras were installed in areas, lights were placed in
areas that were dark and needed lighting, there is safety patrol officers that
roam the area throughout the day. Strengths about this community include the
unity and fellowship within neighborhoods, some neighborhoods come
together to have social gatherings, there are no evidence of foul play or gang
members in this area, there are groups that send out messages to neighbors if
there are suspicious activity noted and we are informed in cases of
emergencies. Officer Clark

2. Interview with librarian, school teacher, school nurse or

Communitys Health issues

Communitys Safety issues

Strengths of the Community

I have also interviewed an elementary school teacher on her opinions and
ideas of this communitys health issues, safety issues, and strengths and those
are as follows. This community is a very clean community. The kids I have
in my classes are very well kept, they are healthy, most of the children bring
home lunches, and have adequate nutrition throughout the day. They are all
active in class as well as in indoor and outdoor activities. They all follow
safety rules and policies, wearing helmets while riding bikes to and from
school, following instructions from the crossing guards, wearing seatbelts in
the car, etc. One of the biggest strengths of this community and the children
are the active parents. They are always actively participating in school events
and making sure their kids are participants of all activities. Shalu 2nd grade

Enter the information about your interviews with Key Informants
in this space in your template. You will not receive credit if the
Key Informant interviews are inserted elsewhere on this template.

Analysis of


Analyze and summarize your observations and the input from key
informants. Write a 3 paragraph summary of community health (2) and
safety (1) issues for this community and strengthens of the community.
Remember to cite personal communication as appropriate:

The community that I have observed was Sienna Plantation (old) and
Sienna Ranch (new). This is a very wide and big community with a variety of
different cultures, race, and ethnic groups. There are schools, hospitals and
several restaurants/ fast foods locations within this area. It is a growing
community and many new buildings and apartments in process of being

This community has several recreational parks and activities throughout
the areas. There are pools, trail for walking, and parks for outdoor activities
for all ages. The churches and community hold events such as walks and other
entertainment that include food and activities. Schools encourage children to

participate in indoor and outdoor activities, as well as participation from their

Safety issues are also taken care of in this community. Street lights and
cameras were placed by the voice of community members, speed limits and
signs for No parking were placed in school zone areas for the protection
and safety of the children. Children are not unaccompanied when playing, and
police patrols do scope the area several times throughout the day.

Module 2 (Week 2) Part Two: Statistical Analysis of Community
Health Problem

Please complete the following information on this template. If you do not use this
template there will be a 10-point grade penalty per assignment, and you will be
required to resubmit within 48 hrs. You may increase the size of the blocks on the
template by continuing to type within each section. Use as much space as necessary
to provide your answers.

Name of Community or Zip Code:

Instructions : Enter your response in each category marked below. Provide objective,
statistical support for your subjective findings.

Include all the data listed in the Objective Data Criteria listed below.

Add supplemental data as needed for your community.

All statistical data must be reported in NARRATIVE form only. Tables and graphs will
not be accepted.

Compare objective data for your community with local (city), state, and national

You may increase the size of the block by continuing to type. Use as much space as
necessary to provide your answers

General Objective Data Criteria for the Community-at-Large

1. Demographics: Total population; age distribution; gender distribution; family
characteristics (single parent, multi-family, etc.). Remember compare objective
data for your community with local (city), state, and national data. Remember
to cite sources as appropriate.

The total population in Missouri City from the 2016-2017 census, by suburban stats, is
74,561. The state of Texas population is recorded at 27,862,596 and national population at
323,127,513. More than half of the population is women than men (Missouri City 52.3,
Texas 50.4, U.S. 50.8). The median age for males in this city is 36 while females are
39. The population in households in Missouri city with the highest rate comes to be people
in the ages of 10-14 and 50-54 years of age in the male population. In the female
population, the highest rates are between the ages of 35-59. About 3,528 individuals live
on their own in this city, 18,159 are family led homes, and 13,878 are husband-wife
families. Of this population, 1,730 homes have three or more generations within the
household, while the rest 20,646 do not have as many generations. There are 135,697,926

housing units nationwide with 10,753,629 alone in Texas.

Statistics retrieved from:

Statistics retrieved from:,US,TX/PST045216

2. Racial/Ethnic Characteristics: Remember compare objective data for your
community with local (city), state, and national data. Remember to cite
sources as appropriate.

The largest racial group within this population are whites(Missouri City X, Texas
79.4%, and US 76.9%) with the blacks/African Americans coming in as second largest
(Missouri City X, Texas 12.6%, US 13.3%). Asians (Missouri City X, Texas 4.8,
US 5.7) and Latinos (Missouri City X, Texas 39.1, US 17.8) follow behind, and the
other racial minority groups coming in with the least percentage. In this same order, there
are more females than males in all racial groups. For example, black and African
Americas, the female population is 15,057 while males are 13,078. In the whites and
Asians groups as well, females are more than male population.

Statistics retrieved from:

3. Economy: poverty rate, unemployment rates, median income. Remember
compare objective data for your community with local (city), state, and
national data. Remember to cite sources as appropriate.

According to in 2015, residents with income below the poverty level was
5.2% in Missouri City while in the whole state of Texas it was 15.6% and nationwide is
12.7%. Residents with income below fifty percent of the poverty level were 3.1% in
Missouri city and 6.6% in the whole state. According to Career Trends, in 2017, the
unemployment rate in Missouri city is 5.9%. The average rate of unemployment for Texas
if 4.5%, and the national average being 5.6%. The income per capita is $35,873 in
Missouri City, $26,999 in Texas, and $28,930 nationwide. The median household income
is $87,955 in this city, $53,207 in Texas, and $53,889 in the entire US.

Retrieved from:,US,TX/PST045216,US,TX/PST045216,US,TX/PST045216

4. Education: High school completion rates; higher education statistics. Remember
compare objective data for your community with local (city), state, and
national data. Remember to cite sources as appropriate.

Missouri city is located within Fort Bend ISD. The four year graduation rate was 93.1 %
with 81.9% in Texas, and 86.7% nationwide. In Missouri City, 44.7% achieved Bachelors
degree or higher, with 27.6% in Texas, and 29.8% nationwide.

Retrieved from,US,TX/PST045216

5. Identify two Morbidity and Mortality/Risk Problems: (Based on your
observations from Week 1 subjective assignment, windshield survey and key
informants provide Morbidity, Mortality (M&M) and risk data for your community
Example 1: if you observed obesity in your community then present obesity rates
and health conditions associated with obesity [i.e. CVD, HD, Depression, etc.).
Example 2: smoking/drinking rates and health conditions associated with
smoking [i.e. Lung Cancer, COPD, etc]. These variables may include the
following: gender (who does this problem affect the most, men or women); age
distribution; ethnicity or racial group(s) mostly-affected; morbidity and mortality
rates; any data related to life-expectancy in light of the health issues; is there a
geographic area where the health problems mainly exist; is there a relationship
between the health issue(s) and environmental health hazards; are these life-
threatening health issues? Remember compare objective data for your
community with local (city), state, and national data. Remember to cite
sources as appropriate.

Obesity is a health condition that rises within the area due to the lack of exercise, and
wide varieties of fast food around every corner. In overall Texas, there is a current adult
obesity rate of 32.4%, being ranked number 10 out of 51 states. People in the ages of 45-
64 are the highest group leading 38.6% of the obese.
It is also interesting that persons without health insurance in Missouri City are 13.3%,
18.6% in Texas, and 10.1% nationwide.
Health conditions that are linked with obesity include heart disease, cardiac arrest, stroke,,US,TX/PST045216,US,TX/PST045216

hypertension, hyperlipidemia, DVT, diabetes mellitus, and much more.,US,TX/PST045216
Crime rates are also increasing within this city. According to neighborhood scout,
Missouri City is number 37 on the crime index, which means that this city is safer than
37% of the US cities. Number of violent crimes in this city was 149, with property crimes
at 1,310.

6. Other data as needed (air, water quality, crimes rates). Remember compare
objective data for your community with local (city), state, and national data.
Remember to cite sources as appropriate.

The air quality index states this city is at 63, which is a good quality for air outside
atmosphere. Water quality is 47 on a scale of 100. Missouri city has a violent crime rate of
19 out of 100, with Texas average at 32.4 and US average being 31.1. Property crime rate
is 16 out of 100, Texas 28.3 and US average 38.1.

Analysis of Data

1. Based on your subjective and objective review of your findings, what
conclusions have you arrived at? Remember to cite sources as appropriate.

What impressions from your subjective observations were unfounded/invalid?

All of the information that I researched about this city was about accurate of what I
knew before hand.

Given the objective data, what impressions were validated/substantiated?

I was able to get accurate information about population rates, incomes, and poverty level
in this city.

What cause-and-effect relationships did you discover/identify?

A lot of the crimes are lower in this area compared to neighboring cities because it is a,US,TX/PST045216

more developed area. Graduation rates are also high in this area, because Fort Bend is
known to be one of the top districts.

2. Problem Analysis for Community/Zip Code:
Problem: List two (2) problems within your community (for example,
Infant Malnutrition, CVD, Lung Cancer, Obesity, Alcoholism, Violence) NOTE:
These problems need to be something the Community Health Nurse can
impact (for example, a CHN cannot build a sidewalk, repair a street,
implement a new bus route, etc.). Remember to cite sources as appropriate.

1. Obesity______________________________________
2. Diabetes_____________________________________

Select one of these problems and complete the Problem Analysis chart

Problem Correlates* Relationship of Correlate to

Data Supportive of
Relationship +

Ex. Inadequate diet Ex. Diets lacking in required
nutrients contribute to malnutrition

Ex. All infants and children seen at the
local Public Health Clinic are referred
to the nutritionist because of poor
diets (X.Y. personal communication,
date). Of infants measured,


Assignment 1 & DB

HR Knowledge 3:Training and Development
Thoroughly review the following video:

Based on your review, please respond to the following:
The CEO has approved funding for your project to create a training and development system for the organization.She now wants you toexplain your process on how you will create training programsfor the new systemand why your process will add value to the company. NOTE:You are addressing a CEO and not regular employees so keep your response both strategic and high level.

Strategy, Planning, and Selection
Assume for this assignment that you are being highly considered for a director-level HR management position for a best-in-class national retailer. You are in the final phase of the interview process and must respond to the interview panel regarding specific questions and scenarios that will help them determine if you are a good fit for the new role. The company’s culture is centered on the effective development of strategy, plans, and selection criteria aimed at building and sustaining a competitive and profitable organization. It will be extremely important that you respond with a strategic mindset in order to convince the organization you are able to help them ensure the execution of the business strategy.
NOTE:It is highly recommended to use the instructions below rather than those in the course guide.

Analyzeand discussdifferent types of strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, and focus or niche) then select which one you would deem more appropriate for an “efficiency-minded” retail organization and explain your rationale. Also, how would the selected strategy ultimately affect how HR does its job?
Examine the four approaches to job design or redesign (those discussed in textbook) and provide an example (not just a definition) of each. Then, make a case to the interviewing panel on the importance of effective job design applications in supporting the overall strategic goals of the organization.
Consider challenges and constraints associated with recruiting workers (see textbook examples) and identify and discuss at least two issues. What advice would you give to ease (or fix) your selected issues? Be specific.
Review exhibit 6-1 on page 188 of the textbook. Other than the elements seen in the selection process, list and describe 23 additional candidate selection process ideas that might add value and overall effectiveness to the process. Example:5Tips for Designing an Effective Employee Selection System. Also, what problems should HR and management teams avoid during the selection process?
Use at leastfour quality academic sourcesin this assignment.Note:To prevent using non-quality sources it is HIGHLY recommended to use the sources listed in the course resources section and others from the library.Use of the textbook is required.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards, APA 6, or APA 7 at the student’s discretion. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Use the Strayer University Libraryto locate additional sources to support your work. The specific course outcomeassociated with this assignment is:

Determine strategies for providing effective human resource management within an organization, including how to support competitive advantage, approaches to job design and redesign, and recruitment and selection.


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