PowerPoint presentation (minimum 5 slides)


Instructions are in the attachment.


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PowerPoint presentation (minimum 5 slides)
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– Use the notes section of PowerPoint to elaborate on key points.
– PowerPoint presentation should use some graphics to convey key concepts.


For your Presentation, using what you prepared for Assignments, create a presentation that summarizes and explains personalized marketing and sales tools.

Your presentation should address the following topics:

0. The central role that customer relationships play in creating sales for the organization.
0. Why managers need to ensure that resources are allocated in a way that both sales and marketing are able to achieve their objectives.
0. How managing the sales funnel requires sales, marketing, and senior managers to have an open dialogue.
0. Why sales and marketing need to work together not only to understand customers needs, but also to create an environment where the value proposition can be communicated.

The presentation should be organized and well-prepared.


Note: This is the content which was submitted before and will include in the presentation.

a. The most crucial aspect of every firm is its sales and customer relationships. Customer connections are vital since they raise sales, minimize customer attrition, provide priceless marketing, improve staff morale, and convert customers into the company’s R&D department. Positive customer relationships provide businesses with more insight into their customer concerns by creating an open line of communication for transmitting client feedback. Such results in more personalized consumer interactions, which develop trust over time and impact their purchasing choices.

b. Amongst sales and marketing, there are two sources of functions. First, the necessity to split the entire budget supplied by sales management to support sales and marketing generates the economic function. In reality, the sales force will likely criticize marketing’s spending on three of the four Ps – pricing, product, and promotion, considering the price. The marketing department is under pressure to meet revenue targets and expects the sales force to “sell the price” rather than “sell via price.” Salespeople frequently prefer lower pricing since they can sell the goods more readily and because cheap prices offer them more space to bargain. Furthermore, there are organizational difficulties around price choices. Whereas marketing determines recommended retail or list prices and promotional pricing, sales have the last say on transactional pricing. As a result, managers must guarantee that resources are distributed so that both marketing and sales can meet their goals (Itani et al., 2019).

c. It seems to me that there is some connection and that the groups establish procedures and regulations to minimize the possibility of conflict. The sales and marketing teams have a great fence, and make-good neighborsmentality, with each member, focused on their particular responsibilities. Each group is beginning to use the same vocabulary to discuss potentially divisive topics such as “How do we characterize a lead?” Questions like “What do we anticipate of one another?” are brought up in meetings, prompting a more reflective tone. Cooperation between the groups is essential for the success of significant events like consumer conferences and trade exhibits etc.

d. The needs of customers are the first consideration when launching a firm. A business proprietor must learn what their clients want and work tirelessly to provide it (Terho et al., 2022). Clients are the lifeblood of every company; therefore, doing all possible to ensure their satisfaction is essential (Key et al., 2020). Successful communication of the value of the services sought by clients and the degree to which they have been satisfied requires close collaboration between sales and marketing (Wang, 2022).


8-1 Project Three

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

Describe how differences in culture impact societys interactions with criminal justice professionals

You are in the same role you chose for Project One: Because you did such fantastic work with the training you held for community members and sworn officers, the Civilian Office of Accountability, a local advisory board, has invited you back to report back with specific potential ideas for the location you chose for Project One. The board would like to hear your thoughts on relevant issues, such as how other cultures view criminal justice professionals, and typical types of misunderstandings between such professionals and civilians.
Suggestions Report
For your report, feel free to take information from any of the module resources, or use outside resources.

Describe different cultures or subcultures views of criminal justice professionals.

Include at least three of the following (different from your own background) that are relevant to your community:

Native Americans
Asian communities
Hispanic communities
People of color
Undocumented people

Explain the general views that are culturally based.
Describe the reasoning (often historical) behind those views.

Describe incidents of cultural misunderstanding between criminal justice professionals and civilians. Address the following in your assessment:

Religion / beliefs

Describe professional practices that may create cultural sensitivity in criminal justice professionals. Address the following in your assessment:

Understanding the public
Diversity training
Procedural justice
Police legitimacy
Diverse hiring practices

Assess best practices to build trust within cultural communities. Address the following in your assessment:

Creating an understanding of the community
Positive community interactions

What to Submit
To complete this project, you must submit the following:
Suggestions Email with Attachment
Your suggestions for the board in your hometown area will be sent in a formal business email with an attachment. The email should be introductorydescribing you and your task, and including a brief summary of the attachmentand the attachment should include the formal information theyve requested.
Supporting Materials
The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:
Reading: Guide for Writing an Email and Creating an Email Invitation PDF
This resource explains how to write a professional email.


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