Watching thewholevideo below and then participating in the class forum discussion on it are part of your quiz grade this week.
Thevideo forum discussionis also due by our normal Sunday night deadline.
If you complete the forum requirementsand it is well done you will get up to +30 on your quiz grade this week. If you don’t watch the video and complete the forum requirements you will lose 30 points on this week’s quiz. If it is poorly done you will get partial credit on a sliding scale somewhere between +30 and -30. It is not possible to earn more than a 100 on the quiz this week.

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Unfortunately, the prison system in the United States is doing a very poor job of using the principles of conditioning to effectively deal with crime in our society. We lock up a higher percentage of our population than just about every other country on earth, and there are about 200countries! That is not something at which we want to be number one. We also have a very high recidivism rate, which means that many prisoners who leave the correctional system end up going right back in. Our prisons are truly awful places where many people are forced to participate in violence, and yet they are not “scaring people straight”. Clearly the way we are using punishment and reinforcementis not working well to change the behavior of many people. Check out the way the Germans use conditioning in this video, and then participate in the forum discussion on it to earn credit towards this week’s quiz.

The directions for this week’s forum discussion can be found in our “forums” folder on the left tab of our course sakai site, but I will also put them below:

To receive full credit for this forum you will need toprovide a two paragraph response after

watching the complete video clip on the German Prison system that is available in this week’s lesson.

The German system is clearly based on a different philosophy of human nature, and this topic is relevant to

what we are studying this week in psychology

because the conditioning techniques they use are quite different in many ways than the style of behaviorism

practiced here in the U.S. prison system. Yourfirst paragraph should be 4-6sentences long and explain

what you think are the threemost important differences in how the German system treats its prisoners

compared to the system we have here in the United States. This paragraph should reference direct and

specific examples from the video clip. In your second paragraph of 4-6 sentences offer your overall

impression and opinion after watching the video. What do you like and dislike about their system? Do you

think it could work well here in the U.S.? Finally, read a few of your classmates’ posts (not just one!), and

then choose at least one person to respond to.



Assignment help

instructions attached

Interview of an Entrepreneur – Report

Please choose an entrepreneur in your community and interview him/her. To help you write a report,
please use the questions that apply to your business person and the type of business s/he owns/

These questions serve as your guide, so you may choose to ask different questions to learn more
about business operations.

Entrepreneur: Jordy Perez

Company: Cash 4 Keys

Located: Miami, Florida

Company: Real estate solution company that buys properties and sells them for a profit.

Write a 2-3 page report and submit it in D2L box before the deadline. Please include the name of the
person whom you interviewed, the title, the company name and address, the contact information.

1. Does the company have a strategic plan?

2. Does the company have a mission statement? Why or Why not?

3. What does the owner consider the companys strengths and weaknesses to be?

4. What opportunities and threats does the owner perceive?

5. What image is the owner trying to create for the business?

6. Has the effort been successful? Do you agree?

7. Which of the generic competitive strategies is the company following?

8. Who are the companys primary competitors?

9. How does the owner rate his or her chances for success in the future? Use a number between

10. What, if any, generalizations can you draw from the interview?

11. Did he or she prepare a business plan before starting the company? Why or why not?

12. If the entrepreneur did not create a plan, is he or she considering doing so now?

13. If the entrepreneur did create a plan, what benefits did he or she gain from the process?

14. How long did it take to complete the plan?

15. How did he or she put the plan to use during the startup phase?

16. Does he or she intend to keep the business plan updated?

17. What advice does he or she have to offer another entrepreneur about to begin writing a
business plan?

18. Please ask about the form of ownership they chose. Why did they choose that form of
ownership? If the entrepreneur operates a partnership, please ask questions below:

19. Do they have a written partnership agreement?

20. Are their skills complementary?

21. How do they divide responsibility for running their company?

22. How do they handle decision making?

23. What do they do when disputes and disagreements arise?


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