Reading Reflection Paper #1 – Exploring The Wrlds Religions


Rubric for RES 101 Reading Reflection papers.

Please select an article posted on the Religious Studies Facebook page and write a critical reflection on it. The URL is . You do not need to have a Facebook account to access this page.

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Reading Reflection Paper #1 – Exploring The Wrlds Religions
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Advice: scroll deep through the Facebook page. There are hundreds of articles on the page on all sorts of topics. Make sure to
choose an article that is long and substantive enough to give you lots to talk about.

Do this in two or three pages and submit the paper in class, in hard copy, on Sep. 28, Nov. 2, and Dec. 7.

Excellent/Good Work Developing Work Novice Work
Provide a citation of the title,
author, source, and date.

10 – 8

7 – 6

5 – 0

Use correct spelling, grammar,
word choice and syntax.

10 – 8 7 – 6 5 – 0

Explain the nature of the article. In
particular, is it more a reporting of
facts about something, or is it an
opinionated, commentary piece? Is
the author trying to inform you
about the topic, or are they trying
to persuade you to agree with their

10 – 8

7 – 6

5 – 0

Summarize the articles major
points. Whats the authors thesis
and significant points?

35 – 28

27 – 21

20 – 0

What are the connections to our
course material? How does this
article relate to things we are
learning about specific religions?
Or does it reflect any of our course
Enduring Questions (What is the
meaning and purpose of life? What is the
relationship between religion and culture?)

or Learning Outcomes (describe and
assess major values, beliefs, and practices
proposed by the world religions and how they
have developed, changed, and influenced one
another over time.
describe and assess the impact of pluralism,
diversity, equity, and inclusion as it plays out
across cultural and religious contexts.
recognize and critically analyze stereotypes,
prejudice, discrimination, and oppression
across religious contexts.
engage empathetically and critically with
patterns of values, beliefs, and practices
across world religions and spiritualities that
contribute to a life of meaning, purpose, and
adapt and apply skills or methodologies
gained from multiple disciplines and personal
and co-curricular experiences to explore the
complex landscapes of religion in our modern


25 – 20

19 – 15

14 – 0

What do you think? Especially if the
article is an opinion piece, why do
you agree or disagree with the
authors position? Or if the article is
strictly factual reporting about
events, what is your reasoned
judgment about those events?

10 – 8

7 – 6

5 – 0

Total =


IT project management

As mentioned in this article – there are two main purposes for using Cost Benefit Analysis when considering which projects to implement. They are: “a) to determine if the business case is sound, justifiable and feasible by figuring out if its benefits outweigh costs, and; b) to offer a baseline for comparing projects by determining which project’s benefits are greater than its costs.”
Discuss in a 6-7 page APA formatted paper the various aspects of the cost benefit associated with the new Learning Management System project. The scenario is listed again below – for your convenience.
SCENARIO: A local 2-yr college is considering a new LMS (Learning Management System) to replace their current system – a homegrown, obsolete system that does not have the capabilities of today’s online solutions. They’re looking to you to present them with a cost benefit analysis for such a change and would like you to complete a CBA (template provided) for them at a high level. You only need to complete a full CBA on the option chosen – CANVAS, though you should consider costs/benefits of other options like D2L, Blackboard Ultra and any others with online options from your research when looking to write your CBA paper as alternatives to the CANVAS option. Remember, changing nothing, should be considered as an alternative to CANVAS as well. The budget is whatever it will cost to implement CANVAS. Risks to consider would be associated with the legacy system and changes needed to move from that system to a new online system. The sponsor for this project would be the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The resources would include both internal IT services and options available from the vendor to implement and train on this system.
There are some assumptions/leaps and bounds you will need to make in order to write this paper. Where you are not given exact information, feel free to create your own assumptions as facts.
The following outline should be used for this paper (highlighted bullets should be used as subheaders within your paper).

Cover Page
Introduction (overall for the paper – tell the audience what you will be discussing – this first introduction does not require a subheader – it should be the first paragraph of your paper right below the paper title on the first written page)
Introduction to the Scenario (as you understand it, discuss the goals and objectives associated with this project)
Alternative Options (list at least two other alternatives to the option chosen for the CBA completed, include high level costs/benefits and disadvantages for these options- explain why those alternatives were not chosen – assume that ‘doing nothing’ is an option and discuss why that shouldn’t be considered)
Costs Associated with LMS Change (discuss all categories of costs associated with this project)
Benefits Associated with LMS Change (discuss all categories of benefits associated with this project)
Potential Disadvantages with LMS Change
Conclusion (tell the audience what you told them with a summary statement)
References Page


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