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Children may be impacted by a family member’s mental health issue, which can influence other family members. Nursing practitioners are known for their holistic care and family-centred procedures (Gabrielsson et al., 2022). Nurses keep in touch with patients and their families directly. Therefore, as medical professionals, nurses can assist parents with mental illness in their parental roles. When compared to the social network of parents whose children are dealing with chronic illnesses, the effectiveness of professional care delivered by healthcare experts such as nurses and doctors. We notice that nurses, compared to other social networks the parent may have, are more prepared to handle such situations because they must undergo practical training to be certified. Nurses are qualified to assess the spiritual health of parents who may lose their children. Developing healthcare professionals’ spirituality is crucial because it enables them to assess parents’ spiritual health. Thus, this is accomplished by using various techniques used by nurses to assess the parents’ spiritual health and determine the best course of action for them to take to resolve their situation.
The responsibility of a nurse is to provide comprehensive care, which may include attending to a patient’s mental health. Although not all registered nurses have psychiatric nursing training, they have to care for mentally ill patients and assist them in getting treatment for psychological discomfort. For instance, nurses are taught to identify a person’s spiritual requirements. By doing this, they may then deliver healthcare in a way that respects the customs and traditions of a particular group of people. However, support from close friends and other social networks is frequently unanchored in the patient’s medical history. Such assistance eventually negatively impacts parents since they cannot provide their suffering children with the support they need as they receive treatment.
Therefore, the ideal information for developing a system to care for the physically and mentally ill can be found in nurses because they interact most frequently with patients. For patients to have access to affordable, continuous care that gives them the therapy and drugs they need to manage and live with mental illness, additional money needs to be advocated for and influenced during the formation of new legislation (Kotera et al., 2021). Nurses significantly influence patients’ attitudes. They can raise the likelihood of a positive patient outcome if they are compassionate and provide high-quality care. The nursing profession strongly emphasizes promoting patients’ total well-being and mental health. Nurses should pursue continuing education to gain additional knowledge about recognizing mental illness in patients and how to assist in getting them the psychiatric care they require. Therefore, the stigma connected with mental illness can be overcome by patients with the help and compassion of nurses.
Gabrielsson, S., Karim, H., & Looi, G. M. E. (2022). Learning your limits: Nurses’ experiences of caring for young unaccompanied refugees in acute psychiatric care. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 31(2), 369-378.
Kotera, Y., Cockerill, V., Chircop, J. G., & Forman, D. (2021). Mental health shame, selfcompassion and sleep in UK nursing students: Complete mediation of selfcompassion in sleep and mental health. Nursing open, 8(3), 1325-1335.
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Data collection

NSTRUCTIONS: Data File and Data Dictionary
This assignment must be completed individually and should not be discussed with other students or on the Discussion Board.
For this assignment, you will be creating a Data File and Data Dictionary using Microsoft Excel.
Instructions and examples for how to create a Data File and Data Dictionary are located in the Module 2: Required Class Lecture Videos and in the Module 2: Key Concepts.
You must use Microsoft Excel to create the data file and data dictionary, and your file must be uploaded as a Microsoft Excel document.
You must use all of the variables and data in the completed data forms provided in these instructions to create your Data File and Data Dictionary.
The completed data forms to be used for this assignment are located at the following link. You can download this file by clicking on the arrow to the right of the file name:

When creating your Data Dictionary, you can decide how, when, and where the variables were measured by using online resources, textbooks, and other references. For example, if you want to describe how height should be measured, you could do an internet search on terms such as ‘how to measure height’ or ‘best way to measure height in adults.’

Rubric for grading
Document is uploaded in a viewable format as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and all of the data provided in the assignment instructions is included in this document.
File and Data Dictionary on separate pages in the same Excel document.
Variables are located in columns and cases are located in rows.
Only one numeric variable per cell. Numbers only. There should be no words, letters, or symbols except a decimal point when appropriate.
Variable names are clear, meaningful, and memorable.
Variable label must include detailed information describing the name and type of equipment/instrument used to obtain the measurement.
Variable label must include detailed information describing the procedures used to obtain the measurement, including manufacturer instructions and other guidelines for obtaining the measurement.
Variable label must include detailed information describing the specific time/date/event when the measurement was obtained.
Variable label must include detailed information describing the units of measurement when applicable.
Level of measurement is identified correctly.
Categorical variables are coded correctly and include a code for each category.
Document is centered and formatted appropriately including use of spacing, white space, gridlines, capitalization, spelling, and grammar.
Turn it in score must be low


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