Saudi Telecom Co. excel


Saudi Telecom Co.

Final Project Guidelines: Computer Application in Finance

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Saudi Telecom Co. excel
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The student will develop a financial model. The final project is conducted via
Microsoft Excel, which allows students to test their knowledge and skills. Each team manages all aspects, including company selection, assumptions, and calculations. The goal of the project is to estimate the valuation of a business and to compare companies to their industry competitors.


The project will be teamwork, with
2-3 students in each group. Each group will submit only one excel file.

As part of the course requirements, you will use
Microsoft Excel to create your model.

Each group needs to select its company as early as possible. Please note that two groups

have the same company.
Click here to write the name of your company.

Submission will be
on Sunday, 30th October 2022.

This project weighs
20% of your total grades.


1- Select a company from Tadawul, excluding financial sectors, with a minimum of
four years of historical data (
Yr. 2021 should be the latest year).

* Financial Sectors including Banking Industry, Insurance Industry, and Diversified Financials Industry*
2- Forecast the Income statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement for the next
three Years.

3- Complete Common Size Analysis (
including forecasted years).

4- Complete Yr. to Yr. Comparative Analysis (
including forecasted years).

5- Include ratio analysis to help explain how pieces of information relate to one another (
including forecasted years).

6- Calculate the firm value by using at least
2-Valuation Models.

7- Calculate the company’s ROE using the
Du Pont System (
including forecasted years).

8- Calculate the amount of external funding required (
sensitivity analysis for forecasted years

9- Make sure that you assign one sheet for your input, and the rest of the sheets should be linked to the input sheet.
10- Make your sheets interactive by including Charts and Sparklines (
where required).



pick a cancer and address the following

500 words

Something on the order of one third of us will have cancer at some point in our lives.
Even if you escape, someone close to you will have cancer. The good news is that
many of us will survive the encounter, though many will not. Diagnosis and treatment
are advancing at a great rate, and many of these advances are coming from
research in molecular biology and genetics. For this writing assignment, pick a
cancer, any cancer, and address the following for that cancer:

1. Introduce the subject in terms your mother would understand (assuming
shes not a molecular geneticist or oncologist). Tell us about symptoms,
age-of-onset, frequency, risk factors, etc. Are there predispositions for
getting this cancer?

2. Please provide more molecular details after the introduction. Describe in
detail what is known about the cancer including genes that have been
identified with this cancer. Please make sure to include mutations. If a
cancer has more than one gene associated with, pick only one gene.
Please make sure you discuss mutations and how these mutations
change the protein. In other words, what was the proteins normal function
and how does the mutation change this. Use the Hallmarks of Cancer
wheel that was discussed in the PowerPoint lecture to help classify the
protein(s). Is this cancer genetic (inherited) or not?

3. Finally, conclude with ongoing research, potential treatments, and if any
clinical trials are taking place.

Formatting of this writing assignment

1. How to pick a cancer? Cancers are divided into the following:

Types of cancer (Very Broad), you can access this by going to this link:

Please note: WebMD has a nice list of cancers but you may not use it as an internet
resource in writing your essay.

You do not have to pick from this list. If you have a friend or family member that has
cancer and you know the sub-type, you may also choose that one.

2. The minimum number of words for this writing assignment is 500 words (not
including references). It must be written in essay style and address the three
sub-topics that are listed above. Failure to do write in an essay style will result in a 5
point deduction in the assignment.

3. 1 inch margins, double spaced, Use a font size of 12 point. Font choices can be
Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana.

4. References must be cited appropriately and you must use either APA or MLA
style. References must be primary articles. You CANNOT reference a wikipedia
article or a non-scientific journal (i.e. Time, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker,
etc). For this assignment, you may also reference certain websites such as the ones
I have provided below or the one I have provided that lists some cancers. However, if
the website is not scientific, I will deduct points.

5. Please do not plagiarize as that will result in an automatic F on the assignment.
You also may NOT directly quote text for scientific writing purposes. Please
remember your plagiarism tutorial. You will lose 5 points for using direct quotations.

6. You must submit this online either in .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF format. No other
format will be allowed. You can use Google docs through your SJSU account but
then need to download the file. If you are unsure how to do this, email me and I will
do a tutorial.


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