PERSUASIVE SPEECH – “THE PRODUCT SPEECH”You will persuade your audience (the class) to be interested/motivated to purchase a product based on the following criteria.

real (something we can see and touch)
be able to purchase online or in a local store
current retail price- $1 to $500 US
not anything living, like a pet etc.
not a weapon of any kind
not a drug, alcohol etc.
nothing distasteful or potentially offensive to others
persuade the audience to support your product.
no services or giftcards

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LENGTH – Your presentation will last from two minutes – two minutes and thirty seconds. Any longer or shorter will reduce your grade.
AUDIENCE – You must have 5 audience members at the beginning and at the end of your speech (in your uploaded video)
OUTLINE – You will turn in a complete sentence outline in the dropbox.
REFERENCES – You should have at least two credible references in your bibliography.
DELIVERY – You may speak from keywords on note cards, a copy of your outline, and your three-fold poster board which you will use as a visual aid to showcase your product.
SPEECH UPLOAD – Upload your speech to LaunchPad following the instructions below. Video editing andvideo stopping/pausing are NOT allowed.

Speaker: [Daniel Salazar]

Speech Topic: [Apple Watch Series 5]

Speech Title: [ Why You Should Own an Apple Watch ]

Speech Type: [Persuasive]

Audience Analysis:

Knowledge: [Known worldwide as one of the largest tech companies in the world. The

creator is very famously known, Steve Jobs and most people know that their products are

pretty expensive.]

Attitudes: [Audience knows that Apple is a large tech company specializing in the best and

leading laptops and phones in the world and a positive attitude can be reinforced by

speaking about all the perks and advantages it has over competitors. ?]

Expectations: [They will be expecting to hear all the new updates and features of the apple

watch compared to the old series.]

Demographics: [Anyone and everyone can buy an apple watch if they can afford it. They

are meant for anyone and in any age group.]

Setting: [In my living room]

Speech Purpose: [The specific purpose of my speech is to persuade and inform everyone on why

they should buy and own an Apple Watch series 5.]


Getting Attention: [Have you ever thought how convenient it could be to have all your

phone features and capabilities in a watch right? The Apple Watch is the perfect watch that

anyone can use. It was designed to help people stay active, motivated, and connected so

that you can live a better day

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Topic and Purpose: [Apple Watch has become the number one bestselling watch in the

world, following behind Rolex, Fossil, and Omega. I will explain why the Apple watch has

become so successful and popular and then persuade the audience to purchasing one.]

Main Points: [Everyone should have an apple watch for its safety and emergency features, its

overall health and heart features, and for its advanced technology.]

Relevance: [The watch has many features that could be useful to anyone. It could monitor

your health, heart rate and heart rhythm. It can send and receive texts, calls, and messages

that is something that everyone can relate too.]

Credibility: [Establish credibility as a speaker.]

Organizational Pattern: [Idea followed by a support information, then give two examples for



[Replace the bracketed information with the contents of your speech. Revise the outline by

editing your points, rearranging them if necessary, and adding supporting points.]

I. [Health and Fitness (strongest)] (* Note any visual aid(s) you plan to include)

A. [Built in heart rate monitor; most used HR monitor in the world] (* Note visual aids)

1. [Calculates your BPM or beats per minute, resting heart rate, and recovery rate

when youre exercising. ] (* Note visual aids)

2. [Keeps track of your daily heart rate to give you an average resting heart rate.
The Apple watch also alerts you if any irregular rhythms or arrythmias are

detected which most commonly goes without any symptoms or feeling. ] (*

Note visual aids)

B. [Exercise and Fitness] (* Note visual aids)

1. [Apple watch has many useful built in apps that someone who is active and

working out can use, such as a high intensity training circuit. ] (* Note visual aids)

2. [Calculates how fast youre running, how far youve run, and overall gives you

details about your workout such as how many calories youve burned ] (* Note

visual aids)

C. [ECG built in] (* Note visual aids)

1. [An electrocardiogram can now be taken right on your wrist!] (* Note visual


2. [This is very useful and helpful for people who have A fib and heart arrythmias ]

(* Note visual aids)

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Transition: [The Apple watch not only comes with health features, it also has important new safety and

emergency features that you will find very useful.]

II. [Safety and Emergency (second strongest)] (* Note any visual aid(s) you plan to include)

A. [Emergency SOS] (* Note visual aids)

1. [By pushing and holding the side button on the watch, you can quickly call for

help and notify emergency services and emergency contacts. ] (* Note visual


2. [By filling out your medical ID, in case of an emergency, ambulances and EKG can

quickly identify who you are and who you have in your emergency medical ID

contacts. ] (* Note visual aids)

B. [Fall detection] (* Note visual aids)

1. [Detects if youve taken a hard fall] (* Note visual aids)

2. [If you were to fall off your bed or out of a car, it can alert you and ask if you

want to call emergency services] (* Note visual aids)

C. [International Emergency Calling] (* Note visual aids)

1. [As part of the emergency SOS for cellular Apple watches, you can now call

emergency services from any country in the world. (* Note visual aids)

2. [Make international calls to your emergency contact ID] (* Note visual aids)

Transition: [Now that youve heard about the safety and emergency features, I will now talk about the

amazing technology inside the Apple watch and other popular features that make the Apple watch one

of a kind.]

III. [Apple Pay and Wallet (weakest)] (* Note any visual aid(s) you plan to include)

A. [No need for a physical wallet, with Apple Wallet, you can have all your debit and credit

cards electronically saved. ] (* Note visual aids)

1. [Now that you have your credit cards saved on your Apple watch, you can tap it

on most cashier systems and the payment will go through] (* Note visual aids)

2. [Apple pay is convenient, fast and easy to use. In your wallet, you can also store

passes and tickets for concerts, events, and travel. ] (* Note visual aids)

B. [Built in phone] (* Note visual aids)

1. [You can send and receive messages right on your wrist without having to pull

out your iPhone. ] (* Note visual aids)

2. [You can send and receive phone calls, and has siri so you can ask her anything

and you will most likely get an answer.] (* Note visual aids)

C. [GPS/Compass] (* Note visual aids)

1. [Get easy and fast directions to places using Maps. ] (* Note visual aids)

2. [Knows and tracks you location, points out which you are facing. ] (* Note visual


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Closing Signal: [Apple watch is the most advanced and most popular smart watch on the


Main Points: [We spoke about all its amazing features such as Safety and Emergency, Health and

Fitness, and its top of the line new technology.]

Topic and Purpose: [Apple Watch has become the number one bestselling watch in the world,

following behind Rolex, Fossil, and Omega.]

Audience Response: [Now I want to ask you, if you were to buy a smart watch, which would you


Memorable Close: The Apple Watch is the perfect watch that anyone can use. It was designed

to help people stay active, motivated, and connected so that you can live a better day

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Week 9 Weekly Writing

Includes discussion posts, reflections, and other assignments completed outside of class. All will require your analysis and responses to our course readings.
Book- Edith Nesbit, From the Dead (1893)

Reading Responses Assignment

What is a reading response?
A reading response is a focused response to assigned reading before it is discussed in class. It is an
opportunity for you to explore and formulate your interpretation of one aspect of the reading. It is not an
essay, but should be written in structured, developed paragraphs. It is not a freewrite and should have
focus, organized thoughts, support (e.g. textual evidence), and an adequate degree of correctness. Ideally,
these responses will provide you with foundations upon which to build your longer, formal essays.

What should a reading response do?
Analyze a singular element of the literature by discussing the WHAT, HOW, and possibly
WHY of this element. In other words, if you choose to write about the point of view in a story,
you will need to describe what the point of view is, explain how it functions to contribute to the
overall effect (intellectual or emotional upon reader) or meaning (theme, concept, or question
raised by story) of the text, and perhaps consider why this perspective is successful (or not) in
creating this effect/meaning, usually in relation to a particular theme of the work (Theme = the
larger issues, ideas, questions or arguments with which a text grapples.)

Or you may choose to discuss a particular theme as developed in a reading assignment. For
example, if you choose to write about identity conflict in a section of a novel, you would present
what you think the author is saying in this section about this topic (the what). You might expand
by describing one or two key scenes or perhaps point to a couple of key passages that illustrate
this theme. Then you would do a close reading of the scene(s) or passage(s) to explain what you
think each reveals about how the author is creating this impression, message, or argument in the
text. Finally, you might speculate as to why this is important in the larger scheme of the work.

So to recap, you need to DESCRIBE (often pointing to specific instances or passages or details
from the text will be helpful) and ANALYZE (explain the significance of the piece in relation to
the whole).

A reading response is: – NOT a summary of plot – NOT an opinion -NOT a
review -NOT a freewrite – NOT about personal experience

What should a reading response look like?
For each response you would select only one element. Your first paragraph should be only one or
two sentences in which you state a thesis, the single focus of your response and the overall idea
or argument you will pursue related to it.

This should be followed by 2-3 fully developed paragraphs in which you explore this topic in an
organized way, with specific examples analyzed. Paragraphs should include a topic sentence
(identifies main idea of paragraph), remain focused on the idea of the topic sentence, and provide
sufficient specific evidence and support from the text analyzed in such a way as to explain what
and how you think it helps us to understand your point about the reading. (Do not exceed length
limits!) You need not include a concluding paragraph or sentence.

Your response should be no shorter than one page typed or two handwritten, and no longer than
1 pages typed or three handwritten.

What are some possible topics for reading responses?

Elements you may discuss include:

Point of View Characterization Tone

or mood Setting



Turning points Symbolism


Use of figurative language (simile,
metaphor, etc) Imagery


Use of dialogue


See attached samples of student reading responses as models for both format and content.

How will reading responses be evaluated?

Responses will be evaluated according to the below rubric with a three-point scale.

Three: Response goes beyond the obvious and superficial in its observations and insights about
the reading. Response identifies and adheres to single, interesting focus stated at start of
response; well-chosen and specific support is presented to discuss this focus; support is analyzed
through close reading that interprets the significance of the support and draws meaning from it in
relation to the topic of the response. Writing is well organized in unified, fully developed
paragraphs, i.e. paragraphs have clearly identifiable topic sentences and remain on topic with
sufficient development. Writing contains few grammatical/language errors.

Two: Response identifies and adheres to a single, clearly identifiable focus; support is presented
to discuss this focus, but may be general or not fully analyzed in its significant details or rely too
heavily on quotations that are not sufficiently addressed. Paragraph structure is apparent.
Paragraphs have topic sentences though there may be some digressions or jumps of logic.
Paragraphs may not be fully developed. Organization makes it relatively easy to follow flow of
ideas. Writing is clear and correct enough to read without difficulty though there may be some

One: Response includes unnecessary plot summary and/or personal opinion/experience; focus
may be stated but writing strays significantly from focus; and/or focus is unsupported or support
is irrelevant or unanalyzed; and/or there is no identifiable focus. The writing may difficult to
follow due to lack of connections between ideas and/or weak paragraph structure. And/or
grammatical/language errors interferes with readability of the writing. And/or response falls
greatly below length requirement.

Note: Responses Not Handed In (or not handed in on time and therefore not accepted) Will
Earn a Score of Zero.

Example #1 of Student Reading Response: How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

In the final chapter The Drum Alvarez uses the symbolic image of the cat, and of the

man to explain how Yolanda became a short story writer.

The black cat in this chapter has multiple meanings. First the cat represents the

supernatural. The cat is connected to Pila and her story devils and story ghosts. It was through

Pila that a new world was open to Yolanda, the wonderful world of story telling, a world were

reality and fantasy intertwine. At the same time, the cat symbolizes a new beginning or change.

This can also be directly related to Pila. In Spanish the word Pila means baptismal font. Just as a

child is presented to God in Baptism and begins a new life in Christ, it can be said that Yolanda

was presented or introduced to storytelling by Pila and therefore, her life as a writer began. In

addition, Yolandas nightmares with the cat can be associated with the cat as being a watchful

guardian over the power of illusion and of the underworld. The mysterious appearances of the cat

can be interpreted as a constant remainder of Yolandas talent as a writer and of the violation

committed against the kitten, which can only be forgiven by recreating or giving new life to the

kitten through the power of story telling.

On the other hand, the man with the goatee represents the famous Russian short story

writer Anton Chekhov, creator of the short story Kashtanka. In his short story Kashtanka is a dog

owned by a drunken master, who one day takes Kashtanka for a walk and loses her. A kind man

rescues Kashtanka, and later trains her as an animal performer. One day as she is performing her

old master recognizes her and she immediately goes back with him. Kashtankas story can be

associated with Yolanda in two ways. First, Kashtanka represents Yolanda. Even though

Kashtanka found a master that treated her nicely she decided to go back with her old master. In the

same way Yolanda decides to go back to her old life through the power of story telling. Secondly,

the incorporation of Chechov by Alvarez represents the influence of Chechovs style in Yolanda


Example #2 of Student Reading Response: A&P by John Updike

In the story A&P by John Updike, A&P is a real place where the story

develops, but also a symbolic place where the narrator creates a fantasy. A&P is a

supermarket where the narrator, Sammy is working for nothing except for money. In fact,

he hates the A&P supermarket: I bet you could set off dynamite in an A&P (380)

because it is so boring and there is no meaning until the three girls in bathing suits

appear. The A&P suddenly turns into a magical place since he sees the third girl: She

was the queen (379). Now Sammy sees himself as a knight to protect the queen.

Whoever interrupts what Sammy is doing, such as a customer, he or she must be an

adversary or a witch in his imagination: If shed been born at the right time they would

have burned her over in Salem (378).

Eventually, he meets the queen at his checkout slot. The queen puts down a jar and the

name is also suitable for his fantasy: King fish Fancy Herring Snacks (381). When

Sammy holds the jar, he feels more like a knight and the jar symbolizes his loyalty to the

queen and he is proud of taking the jar: I thought that was so cute (381).

However, Sammy faces the real world as soon as the manager of A&P appears.

The manager jolts people including the queen in the A&P that the A&P is not a beach,

but it is a real supermarket. A&P is no longer a magical place and it has a policy which

both the staff and customers have to follow to keep order of the real world over the

magical world. The conflict between the queen and the manager results in the victory of

the real world. However, Sammy is still eager for his fantasy and wants to connect with

the queen. Thus, Sammy quits and exits of the real world. He describes the people in the

A&P as like scared pigs (383) to justify his fantasy. He pursues the queen as soon as he

comes out of the A&P, but he cant find her. In fact, he faces the real world without any

fantasy: I felt how hard the world was going to be to me hereafter (384).

Example #3 of Student Reading Response: The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara

Sylvias narrative is written in a street-wise, callow, and matter-of-fact tone, which plays

a major role in the readers understanding of Sylvia and the change she undergoes. The tone in

Toni Cade Bambaras 1972 story The Lesson distinct from the start when Sylvia begins by

saying, Back in the days when everyone was old and stupid or young and foolish and me and

Sugar were the only ones just right. This introduction gives readers a clear impression of

Sylvias pre-adolescent mentality at the beginning of the story, and while it indicates that

Sylvias impressions have since grown, it sets a tone that remains in her pre adolescent mindset.

In doing this, the reader is provided with the opportunity to truly get in to little Sylvias head,

and understand her motivations and the changes that take place in her attitudes by the end of her


When Sylvia introduces her relationship with Miss Moore, she talks about Miss Moores

always planning these boring-ass things for us to do. Miss Moores enthusiasm isnt well

received; when Miss Moore plans to take them on a trip on one hot summer day, Sylvia talks

about really hating this nappy-head bitch and her goddamn college degree. Miss Moore wants

to teach the children an important life lesson, but children being children, they only want to go

out and playSylvias attitudes reveal the frustrations that children experience in their lack of

control. Despite this lack of control, she presents herself as street-wise, and somewhat devious.

She talks about her desires to snatch Sugar and go to the Sunset terrorize the West Indian kids

and take their hair ribbons and their money too, and later, the desire to jump out of the cab with

Miss Moores money. These schemes are never followed through, because Sylvias tough

attitude, heard in her tone, appears to be a result of her vulnerability and pride.

After the children see the toy sailboat in the window at F.A.O. Schwartz, Sylvia begins to

lose the haughty, delinquent confidence that had characterized her so profoundly leading up to

that moment. Before they set off on their journey, Sylvia disagreed with Miss Moore when she

said that they were all poor and lived in the slums. Standing in front of the toy sailboat crushes

her inner confidence and sense of entitlement. Despite her usual resentment towards Miss Moore

and unwillingness to speak to her, she cant help but participate in the discussion about the

sailboat. Everything that Sylvia says and thinks after seeing the tag on the sailboat is in some

way a response to that moment; she is so disrupted internally, that she has to make a serious

effort to maintain her tone, but it all comes from a defensive place.


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