Instructions to vocabulary is there

Chapter # 3

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1. Piercing
2. Keen
3. Wrought
4. Bland
5. Fractured
6. Wince
7. Empirical
8. Guise
9. Impeccable
10. Wittily

Chapter # 4

1. Quandary
2. puzzled
3. Tranquil
4. Translucent
5. Luxuriate
6. Bewildered
7. Swaying
8. Congealed
9. Trifle
10. foresight

Chapter # 5

1. dissimulation
2. cunningly
3. vexed
4. sagacity
5. concealment
6. dismembered
7. wary
8. audacity
9. vehemently
10. Gesticulations

Chapter # 6

1. mortal
2. bosom
3. suppositions
4. vain
5. mournful
6. crevice
7. furious
8. Bereft
9. Dole
10. Hyacinths

Chapter # 7

1. Abash
2. Barren
3. Essence
4. Ghastly
5. endearing
6. infanticide
7. callous
8. aberrant
9. coercion
10. necrophilia

Chapter # 8

1. indicative
2. Solitary
3. Scavengers
4. Affinity
5. Contempt
6. Derogatory
7. obstinate
8. Shrewdness
9. Cackle
10. Turmoil

Chapter # 9

1. Deceit
2. Exaltation
3. Pandemonium
4. Intrusion
5. grimaces
6. Haughtiness
7. Province
8. Depleted
9. Innately
10. Menace

Chapter # 10

1. Voyeur
2. Lynching
3. Penchant
4. Exalted
5. Status quo
6. Immortalized
7. Recoil
8. Anarchistic
9. Morbidity
10. Unchained

Chapter # 11

1. squinch
2. grimaces
3. Haughtiness
4. Province
5. Depleted
6. Innately
7. Menaced
8. Voyeur
9. Penchant
10. Exalted

Chapter # 12

1. Status quo
2. Immortalized
3. Recoil
4. Anarchistic
5. Morbidity
6. Unchained
7. manifest
8. genocide
9. residue
10. indulge How to complete the
Vocabulary Presentation

What is it
A vocabulary presentation is a power point that will present ten vocabulary words. The presentations make it easier to learn the words. You will use your classmates presentations to complete our vocabulary assignments during the semester.

How to
Each student has one set of ten words. You are to create a power point for the ten words. Each slide of the power point will have one vocabulary word, its definition and a picture. The definition cannot be copied and pasted from the internet. Use your own words. It can and should be short.

The picture
Pictures are very subjective as you can well imagine. What is beautiful to one person might not be provocative to another. Keep that in mind when you add a picture. I would prefer you think of what represents the word and then look for a picture. Please do not just Google the word for an image. That will not help you learn.

Which one is yours
After you complete viewing this presentation you will add your name to the vocabulary list You will see the list in the Welcome page.

How to submit
Once you are done with please submit your power point in the Vocabulary Presentations Discussion board. The link is available in our Blackboard course.

Very important, please add your chapter number in the subject line.

The next slide is an example of one word.



Let me know if you have any questions. If you like you can complete an extra chapter for 20 points.









Need help with professor comments

his has zero empirical support and the research question is unclear. I left you about a dozen annotated comments that you can use to revise and integrate this into your final research paper. The literature review should provide a more in-depth overview on what is already known about this topic. The final research paper will then add a “future directions” element. Email me if you have any questions. I will not offer a virtual workshop unless enough people ask for it because of the low turnout for the other ones.

This is from the professor on literature review

I am not going to finish reading this. I am not even sure what to do with it. This has nothing to do with the problem statement you turned in. There is no developmental research question here and this is a human development course. The research question is unclear. This just seems to be a general commentary on the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to sports research–vaguely. I cannot follow your writing much of the time. This paper is littered with grammatical mistakes and unexplained (or incorrectly used) jargon. In the last assignment (i.e., problem statement), I gave you more than a dozen annotated comments with feedback and told you to reach out to me if you were confused. You did not do that and this paper is unacceptable. I emailed the class with days and times I am free to meet, if you want to try to redeem your grade, you should email me. The last (and biggest) assignment is supposed to be built from this assignment; however, it would inappropriate to turn in another paper like this on this topic.


Review of Literature

Tommy Bush
UNT University

Review of Literature


Despite the massive increase of published research in sports, interdisciplinary approaches to research have in the recent past gained a lot of attention globally due to the emphasis on dealing with complex issues such as sports. This is because the scientific production of knowledge continues to move towards problem-oriented research, hence important in understanding of sports and development of fitting solutions. Sports consists of various interacting elements such as individuals, tasks, environment constraints, however, several researches have employed interdisciplinary approach in trying to understand the whole concept of sports and sports performance.
This study used various literatures to investigate the importance of interdisciplinary nature of projects to understand sports. It was through this that made it possible to quantify various representative task designs as well as individual differences. Therefore, this study aims at analysing the role and significance of interdisciplinary nature of projects in sports and sports performance through a structured literature review on various aspects of sports and portray a holistic and an overarching picture of this concept. Additionally, it will also provide new perspectives on vital issues in sports by outlining theoretical gaps which provide the basis for future study inquiry on the whole concept of interdisciplinary approach in sports.


In the recent past, the field of sport has received significant attention in terms of interdisciplinary approach to the study of various aspects such as practice, players, performance and the general aspect of sports and its importance to the society. Interdisciplinary approach has been defined as the use of multiple disciplines to address complex situations and in this case sports. Therefore, because sports is a very broad field that has got many scientists and researchers who specialize in key areas. This study will be of great benefit to the interdisciplinary nature of projects in that it will offer selection of measurement as well as design of test that are essential for consideration. This will significantly help this research to capture many interacting aspect of sports science (Piggott et al., 2019). Additionally, it will also offer a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts of sports performance that is theoretically driven and has several practical implications for the development of players.
Moreover, several efforts have been made in regards to integration of interdisciplinary approach in sports so as to improve performance in sports. This consists of various researches which have been conducted over the last few decades to help understand the value and significance of interdisciplinary approach in general understanding of sports performance. Therefore, it has been through this approach that made it possible to quantify individual differences and representative task designs which are important in sports. For instance, the use of integrative physical education became an important motivation factor among the players and led to active participation in sports hence enhance sports performance. This approach in sports is important because it allows individuals to exploit their potential by use of their abilities, strengths, skills as well as existing knowledge that significantly encourages effective participation (Hess et al., 2019). Hence, the need for interdisciplinary approach in sports to enable individuals to be equipped with much needed practical and theoretical knowledge through various sporting activities significant for sports performance.

Literature review

Interdisciplinary nature of has significantly revolutionized the ways in which the general concept of sport and sports performance operate. It has provided platforms which have been essential in creating new ways in which various sports are view in terms of practice, individual participation, significance, and general performance. This is because this approach has provided was in which various disciplines can be used in dealing with extreme complexities that come with different sport skills (Ott et al., 2018). For instance, in sports even the most simplest actions often rely heavily on complex interactions, hence this will play a vital role in helping individuals by making sure they gain their individual abilities to smoothly control several aspects that shape and affect these complicated skills and movements.
It will also be essential in the integration of several strategies as well as techniques which play a major role to this study by creating various linkages across different disciplines, cultures and sectors, thus provide a more comprehensive understanding of sports in general. This study will also be essential in helping development of plans for individual players and help set specific improvement goals from the findings, weaknesses and strengths (Hess et al., 2019). This approach will has been essential in determining how different resources are allocated to various sporting activities and enhance the component of decision making in sports that is tailored towards improving sports performance.
According to researchers, an interdisciplinary approach has been an important aspect that supports performance in sports which involves task, individual interactions and various environmental factors. For this reason, sports has been studied based on physical and physiological components such as agility and aerobic. This is because it is believed that competition performance often involves interactions between physiological, psychological as well as perpetual-cognitive motor components which are essential in general sports performance. Thus, this study aims at dealing with limited publication and research on the concept of interdisciplinary nature of projects in sports so as to clear various ambiguities as witnessed in previous studies and research. Thus, it will be essential since it will allows for integration of multiple disciplines that entails key strategies and techniques which are important in creating linkages when dealing with the impact of sports (Piggott et al., 2019). Interdisciplinarity for instance, is often understood as the research process which aims at addressing various topics that are very complex or ambiguous such as sports which need to be dealt with by using more than a single discipline.
Interdisciplinary approach offers new tools for rapid scaling in sports performance. This is because, the use multiple disciplines in various aspects of sports helps in removing the boundaries or complexities between the management of sports and new technologies, techniques, strategies being used by providing various concepts and tools which are currently experiencing drastic change in various ways in different sports (Thomson et al., 2019). Many sports face challenges in terms of practice, general understanding of sports practice and performance. Therefore, the use of interdisciplinary approach will be essential in regards to pursuing interests, motivations as well as objectives in terms of general sports performance.
It is therefore evident that, interdisciplinary approach is required in sports since is it always necessitated by the complexities particularly by the structures and behaviors of the systems. Thus, it provides the potential to address the separate aspects through which disciplinary knowledge and examination of those aspects are done via integrating disciplinary knowledge. For instance, the emergency of sports science as field is as a result of various sub-disciplines which have been formed through disintegration, fragmentation and multi or interdisciplinary collaboration that have become common in sports today (Gadais, 2019). Hence, it is important in dealing with importance of sports and performance via interdisciplinary approach thats essential in developing a field based on aspects relating to sports that appreciate new thinking, creativity across all disciplines.
The use of interdisciplinary approach in this study is important since it reveals the significant contribution of motor, cognitive, psychological, and perpetual components of individual constraints which often predict disposal efficiency in sports. An important finding that is consistent with perception of the coaches that superior performance in sports is usually related to these individual components (Ott et al., 2018). In addition, coping with psychological pressure as well as making appropriate and accurate decision are vital since they allow the player to apply their individual physical capabilities effectively and efficiently.
Thus, it provides consistency with previous research which reported better classification of talents identified as well as non-talent identified players based on combined technical, perpetual-cognitive and physical components. Hence use of interdisciplinary approach in sports is key to this study. This also shows that physiological capacity of players is very important, because players for instance in football need to sprint or run with the ball on the pitch, while perpetual-cognitive and psychological components make a significant contribution to effective disposal of the ball to teammates (Gadais, 2019). Thus, interdisciplinary approach is important in explaining such complexities which are vital in sports performance. This is important in demonstrating how these components interactions is vital to comprehensive understanding of sports performance.
The need for clearly defined parameters which are inherent to literature search are the core pillars which help in distinguishing integrative reviews from various alternative approaches. Thus, in this particular research there were several distinct variables, sports and sports performance which clearly delineated various key boundaries of boundaries of literature search, thus, the need to develop an interdisciplinary approach in understanding where there is convergence as well as a distinct development of the field of sports (Ott et al., 2018). This is important in defining sports and applying this term in practice, research as well as policy domains which are not short of complications thus important for interdisciplinary to explain the whole concept from play, leisure as well as physical activities and other important aspects.


This paper adopted a structured literature review, a method which is used to study a corpus of various scholarly literature in order to create various insights, critical reflections, and research questions and develop paths for future studies and research. This method was adopted since it is based on the quantitative, form-oriented as well as positivist content analysis when used in literature review. It usually follows a ten-step process that enables scholars and researchers to potentially develop a more informed and relevant research paths and questions (Piggott et al., 2019). In this case for instance, this method was meant to provide a comprehensive understanding of interdisciplinary approach in sports and how the use multiple disciplines influence various aspects of sports and performance.
The research designs were properly established in this field, hence it enhanced the robustness in the findings on several aspects of sports performance. Therefore, in order to achieve the objective, the structured literature review was used so as to offer the most appropriate clarifications to the concept of interdisciplinary natures of projects approach in different sports. This also provides several suggestions for future research and is of a particular significance since it is the best and right tool for studying this phenomenon (Thomson et al., 2019). Moreover, this methodology also employed was imperative and qualitative in nature which entailed a study based on data collection for different sports.


Gadais, T. (2019). Sport for development and peace: current perspectives of research.
Sports Science and Human Health-Different Approaches.

Hess, C. W., Gnacinski, S. L., & Meyer, B. B. (2019). A review of the sport-injury and-rehabilitation literature: From abstraction to application.
The Sport Psychologist,
33(3), 232-243.

Ott, S. D., Bailey, C. M., & Broshek, D. K. (2018). An interdisciplinary approach to sports concussion evaluation and management: The role of a neuropsychologist.
Archives of clinical neuropsychology,
33(3), 319-329.

Piggott, B., Mller, S., Chivers, P., Papaluca, C., & Hoyne, G. (2019). Is sports science answering the call for interdisciplinary research? A systematic review.
European journal of sport science,
19(3), 267-286.

Thomson, A., Cuskelly, G., Toohey, K., Kennelly, M., Burton, P., & Fredline, L. (2019). Sport event legacy: A systematic quantitative review of literature.
Sport management review,
22(3), 295-321. 3

Problem Statement

Tommy T. Bush
UNT University

Problem Statement

While there are several different variables which may be barriers to academic excellence and achievement, there are two factors that might account for the required academic improvement and achievement in elementary schools. These factors include lack of motivation as well as presence of learning disabilities. Therefore, it is important to identify those factors that lead to learning difficulties. For instance, teachers who are not aware of various characteristics of such areas of concern might become ineffective in their work more so when dealing with students with learning disabilities. Thus, in an effort to better help learners with learning disabilities, it is important for the teachers and other stakeholders to be aware of the several differences between those learners who do not attain their academic goals due to lower motivation as well as those who struggle with frustrations resulting from their learning disabilities.
Moreover, many learners are in need of motivation in order to achieve their academic goals. Thus, there is need to emphasize on the importance of motivation for learners success in education. This is because lack of motivation is usually very detrimental for their academic achievement thus resulting to learners paying less attention to details and activities, lower grades and presenting negative attitudes and behavior towards learning. Motivation therefore is an important aspect for learners to experience so as to overcome academic challenges as well as develop positive attitudes and mindsets about learning and education in general.
The most significant function of education is to encourage interest in learning among students with learning disabilities. This is supposed to be done in a way that brings about the desired benefits and impacts to them as well as the society. This will ensure they are effectively integrated into the society and will enable them to obtain academic achievement. Thus, it is important to acknowledge that motivation is important for all learners academic achievements. However, as much as motivation plays a significant role in academic achievement for all learners, learners with learning disabilities are usually more vulnerable to lack of motivation throughout their life in school and education in general. Hence, lack of motivation as well as attention problems are likely to affect their learning efforts. They often face massive barriers in their academic achievement as well as adult outcomes compared to their peer without learning disabilities. Thus, it is necessary that importance of motivation is stressed so as to help learners with disabilities to overcome these challenges.
Additionally, academic excellence often derived from a growth mindset as well as motivation. For instance a growth mindset refers to an individual believing in him/herself that intelligence improves with application of learning and effort. Thus there is an empirical link between academic motivation and growth mindset. Thus, these two aspect are important factor for academic success, particularly for learners with learning disabilities. These aspects not only supports the learners academic achievement, but as well might benefit learners with learning disabilities that face various learning challenges.
Moreover, given that they are more vulnerable to lack of motivation, learners in elementary school are even more vulnerable because of the critical development stage which is often marked by declines of academic motivation. In addition, learners with learning disabilities usually tend to have negative beliefs about themselves as well as why motivation might be beneficial to support their learning and improve their individual abilities. Thus this highlights the critical development stage among elementary learners with learning disabilities, hence the need to motivation so as to achieve academically.


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