Assessing Your Strategies and Creating New Goals


These questions need a min. of 100 words each.
Assessing Your Strategies and Creating New Goals
Ken Davis
University of Potomac
Yvonne Hood

Connect Your Thinking and Language

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Assessing Your Strategies and Creating New Goals
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I actively connect my thinking and language.

I focus on my thinking and language separately.



Communicate Your Ideas Precisely and Coherently

I express my thoughts precisely and coherently.

I express my thoughts in vague and disorganized ways.



Listen Carefully to Other Viewpoints

In discussions, I listen carefully to others.

I focus more on expressing my views than listening.



Respond Directly to the Views of Others

I respond directly to the views of others.

I focus on stating my views as strongly as possible and proving other views wrong.

5 4 3 2 1


Use the Appropriate Language Style

I adapt my language style to the social situation.

I am unaware of my use of language styles.

5 4 3 2 1


Have a lot of time on your hands and become bored easily?

Encounter the urge to cheat and check in with your usual technology outlets?

Seek out non-technological forms of engagement that you had begun to disregard, such as reading favorite books or magazines, talking with a friend, or just going on a walk?

Begin to consider how important your relationship to technology has become to your daily life and self-identity?

Become freed up to engage more deeply or creatively with your own thoughts?

Feel either more relaxed and at ease, or more anxious and distracted?

After responding to these questions, analyze what factors accounted for your experience. Would you do a technology break again?


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