Min. Word Count: 1000 Min. Source Count: 1 news or opinion article + 2 other cre

Min. Word Count: 1000
Min. Source Count: 1 news or opinion article + 2 other cre

Min. Word Count: 1000
Min. Source Count: 1 news or opinion article + 2 other credible
(scholarly or non-commercial) sources to confirm or refute its claims
Select an online article (primary text) related
to current events or issues in the world and conduct background research on its
information and claims. Use at least two relevant, credible sources (supporting
texts) to confirm, refute, or complicate the claims of your primary text. Your
primary text can be a news, opinion, or feature article from any online popular
(non-academic) publisher, as long as it discusses a current issue. Your two
supporting texts must meet high standards for credibility, relevance, currency,
and accuracy – they should be scholarly, peer-reviewed articles or come from a
reputable organization or government source. You will need to adequately
justify why your two supporting sources qualify as being solidly credible. Your
essay must clearly assert an assessment of your primary text’s credibility,
accuracy, purpose, and bias, based on what you find in the supporting texts,
and cross-reference specific examples as evidence.
In addition to fact-checking the statements of
fact in your chosen popular article, you should also analyze the rhetoric and
tone that the author of your popular article uses to communicate with their
audience. Explain any inappropriate use of subjective wording, emotional
appeals, or unethical bias you notice in their article. Describe whether the
author maintains a neutral, objective, and professional tone to report facts as
they occur, or whether they have included subjective wording and use of
persuasive rhetoric to sway their audience to a particular perspective.
Grading Criteria:
You summarize
each source accurately and effectively, and explain and justify each
individual source’s credibility 
You explain how
the supporting texts confirm, refute, or complicate the claims and
characterization in the primary text, using at least 2
You analyze the
writing style, tone, and rhetoric employed by the author of the primary
text, and support your analysis with specific examples from their text
You assert a
clear assessment of the credibility, accuracy, purpose, and bias of the
primary text. This message is prominent and consistent throughout the
Your essay is
well-organized and free from citation, grammar, and other technical errors.
MLA format required.