Overview For this assignment you will have completed your research on an organiz

For this assignment you will have completed your research on an organiz

For this assignment you will have completed your research on an organization engaged in combating institutional racism. This research will have given you an opportunity to explore real-world resistance to systemic and institutional racism at a location you care about and/or in relation to a form of systemic/institutionalized racism of particular interest to you.
Please, ensure that your paper addresses all the required components before you submit it. Also, make sure that you check the references, spelling, and citation style before you submit. 
Required Components
Required content
The problem, or form(s) of institutional/systemic racism: A description of the form(s) of institutional and/or systemic racism the organization seeks to combat. What are the problems they are fighting? Here, draw from course materials and ideas. Consult and cite relevant course materials and at least five additional scholarly sources. (See the Recommended Sources list).
Complexity of the issues, public debates: Draw from news media sources to discuss the various concerns and multiple sides of public conversations or debates around the form(s) of institutional racism your chosen organization tackles. Who supports the resistance efforts your chosen organization tackles? Who opposes or poses obstacles to the resistance efforts? What rationales or justifications are offered in support or opposition?
Scope and history of resistance: A description of the history of the organization and the scope of its efforts. Is it strictly local?  If so, what local issues or conditions led to the formation of the organization and/or inform the development of new activities? If the organization you choose is a chapter of a larger organization, describe both the specific local efforts and how they connect to the broader agenda.
Specific initiatives: A detailed description of one to two initiatives or activism campaigns the organization has undertaken.
Your thoughts and emotions about the work. How familiar were you with the issues tackled by this organization before working on this project? Why did you choose to research this organization? Do you (or does someone you know) have any personal connections to the issues they address? Did you learn anything new or surprising about systemic/institutional racism (generally, or at a particular location) by studying this organization?  How can individuals support the work of this organization?
Required sources and format
Your paper must draw from and cite a variety of sources, including at least:
two course readings
five additional scholarly sources (refereed, peer-reviewed journal articles and/or books published by an academic press, with a publication date within the past 10 years)
three news media sources (See a listing of recommended sources below.)
Paper must be 8-10 pages long excluding bibliography. Use 11–point font, double-spacing, 1-inch margins on all sides. Pages must be numbered.In-text citations and bibliography must follow American Sociological Association (ASA) format.