Research Paper Students will select ONE of the following prompts and will prepar

Research Paper
Students will select ONE of the following prompts and will prepar

Research Paper
Students will select ONE of the following prompts and will prepare a literature review of the topic.  The paper must be 5-10 typed, double-spaced pages in length with standard, one inch margins all around and 12-point, Times New Roman font.  Otherwise, general formatting should follow APA style. Cover and reference pages do NOT count in the 5-10 page requirement.  Remember this is not an opinion piece but an academic literature review.  Do not use 1stor 2nd person pronouns anywhere in your paper, third person only.  
Research Paper Prompts
1. Many American public policies have some kind of international component in which administrators, even at the state and local levels, must give attention to global issues or work with counterparts in other nations or international organizations. Identify a major issue area, such as domestic security, public health, protection of the environment, or trade in agricultural products, and describe the global challenges that administrators encounter. You might begin with a survey of Internet search engines to access specific websites that provide such information.
2. The Department of Homeland Security will continue to fine-tune its organization and programs over the next several years. Identify and track the key decisions that its executives and Congress must make. How it responds to the presence of undocumented immigrants is particularly controversial. You can access its website or for much of the information you need.
3. The minimum wage has been raised repeatedly since its first enactment in 1938, but usually amid controversy. Each time, the debate has pitted its proponents’ arguments for the income benefits from a higher minimum wage against the contrary projections that it would lead to a loss of jobs, higher prices, and hardship for many small businesses. Research the history of minimum wage increases (or at least one such increase) to determine which side’s forecast was more accurate. Take care to research several such judgments so as not to be misled by one or another ideological stance.
4. Most of the ongoing debate over global climate change concerns conflicting forecasts of temperatures, sea levels, and their effects on the environment. Different forecasters have projected very different future scenarios. This obviously complicates the job of policy making. Research these diverse forecasts, the assumptions on which they are based, and the credentials of the forecasters. How constructive is this debate?
5. The federal government is supporting research into alternative energy sources, with many potential applications in the future. It is far from clear which sources will prove most cost effective and best able to replace imported oil and minimize production of greenhouse gases. Examine various online or print sources to learn about alternative energy plans and prospects to identify their dimensions and the debates over the balance between subsidy, on one hand, and regulation, on the other.
6. The past three decades saw a major drop in the rate of most crimes, often in the largest cities. Examine various explanations for this; consider both the actions of governments (i.e., law enforcement and corrections), and the social and demographic changes that government had nothing to do with. Judge the extent to which the causes of crime can be dealt with directly by public policy and administration.
7. “Whistle-blowers” have gained more publicity in recent years for their role in holding governments accountable. Find a recent case of a government employee or a private employee working in a government-related post and follow that person’s experiences, from the first uncovering of the situation to the final resolution. Evaluate how the various agencies and courts handled the investigation and suggest its impact on future potential whistle-blowing by others.
Preparation Guidelines for the Research Paper Literature Review
Each of the items in BOLD must be listed as a heading in your paper. If a question/issue does not apply, please explain why. The final product must include the following:
Cover Page (consult an APA style guide)
Introduction (1-2 pages in length)
Brief summary and background of the main issues.  What does the reader need to know to be able to understand the main issues?
What are the goals, desired outcomes, conflicts?
Why are the goals, outcomes, conflicts important?
Literature Review (2-5 pages in length)
In depth overview of the issues.
Compare/contrast, discuss opposing views, alternatives.
What are the viewpoints of researchers, policy makers, think tanks, industry associations etc. that are interested in your issue?  What were their conclusions? 
Conclusion (2-3 pages in length)
Analyze what you have learned and inform the reader.
What policy or programmatic recommendations might emerge from your evaluation?
References (must be in APA style, not all citation generation programs will produce a correct APA reference page, you must double check)